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Leveraging video to build awareness, increase in-store engagement, and motivate sales

Campaign Goals

Barilla had launched a new type of Pasta, Pronto, but it had relatively low awareness with consumers.  Pronto is not like other pastas, it is prepared in one pan – no need to wait for water to boil, and no draining required. Pronto also had no packaging differentiation from other Barilla product, so communicating benefits had to primarily be done outside of the store.

This required a great deal of consumer education to make its features and benefits understood. Barilla engaged Shopkick to drive awareness, engagement and sales of Pronto pasta.

Shopkick Solution

Shopkick engaged consumers throughout their entire purchase journey, from planning and inspiration, to in-store product engagement, and finally purchase conversion and sales.

The first step was to introduce the product and build awareness before shoppers even went to the store. We rewarded consumers for engaging with in-app native video and lookbook content. The goal of the video was to grow awareness of Barilla Pronto Pasta, explain its unique benefits, and then encourage consumers to seek out the product in-store.

After consumers were made aware of Pronto and could see it in action through the video, we rewarded store traffic and in-store product engagement.

We led consumers to the aisle, and then incentivized physical product engagement in aisle, where users picked up the product off the shelf, scanned the barcode, and made a purchase decision.



Barilla successfully engaged consumers throughout their purchase journey, and was able to understand how behavior out of store and engagement with branded content impacted in-store activity. By using video on a native advertising platform like Shopkick, Barilla was able to reach consumers who were in the context of shopping: such as product discovery and trip planning and then connect that engagement to behaviors down the funnel like aisle visits, product engagements and purchase conversion.


of users first became aware of Pronto through Shopkick


of video viewers converted to purchase


lift in future purchase intent

"To have such a rich, experiential connection to customers before they even enter a store is powerful; add a rewards structure that encourages physical brand engagement and you see the kind of lift we experienced: significant sales growth" Debbie Zefting, Director of Shopper Strategy and Engagement



Drive Awareness
Drive Trial
Drive Sales


Target, Walmart, National grocery chains


Lookbooks, Video, Scans, Kicks for Receipts