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7 Areas to Spring Clean Outside

For those of us who live in colder climates, the spring can make us feel like we’re coming out of winter hibernation. The sun is back consistently and the temperatures are on the rise! This season is one that brings complete relief and a feeling of so much hope to consistently spend time outside once again. Gardening, grilling, and outdoor play are on the horizon (or have already arrived if you live in a warmer climate!).

In order to simply enjoy your time outside once the warm temperatures are here to stay, now is the time to get your outdoor spaces in order. From flower pots to swing sets, outdoor furniture, and even your garage, today we’re talking about how to spring clean outside! Are these spots on your to-do list? 

Flower Pots:

The best time to plant flowers in pots is after the final frost of the season (prepare to Google to find out when that is in your area!), and we’re always eager for our first official gardening weekend. So no time is spent washing out flower pots once we’re ready to plant, think about preparing your flower pots now. Remove dirt from the pots’ interiors, clean out saucers, and make sure none of your pots have broken in between the end of last season and now.


Similar to the above note about flower pots, add time to your calendar to prepare your garden beds for the season! Do you need to remove leaves? What about pruning? How is your soil? Do you need to add mulch? Do your raised beds need to be repaired? The best time to prep is before you plant, so your future self will thank you for checking this to-do off your list now.

Outdoor Furniture:

Whether you store outdoor furniture outside, add a cover, or bring your items into a shed or garage for the winter, they’re likely a bit dirty. Before you take your coffee and book outside to enjoy time in the sun on a warm Saturday morning in your white jeans, clean off your furniture. Some furniture might need a good power wash, but the majority of pieces do just fine with some soap and water. While you’re cleaning, you might also notice that pieces may have broken or cushions could stand to be replaced. Do that now while pieces are plentiful in stores rather than later once other shoppers have taken note of the now beautiful weather! 


Barbecue season is the best season, and we predict there will be more (socially distant!) outdoor meals in our future this spring and summer. So, get your grill ready! The most important thing to do is to wipe down the grates. This article from The Home Depot offers an excellent how-to! 


When was the last time you took stock of everything in your garage? If you can’t quite remember, make a plan to empty out this space on a weekend. Sort through all of your items, and decide what you would like to keep, toss, donate, or perhaps sell at a garage sale. Then sweep out your garage – it’s a hub for dirt and leaves! Finally, before you put the items you plan to keep back in their spots, decide if you liked your former organization method or consider trying a new setup.


If you’re searching for a new way to exercise or you and your family love to explore your community on wheels, biking is a wonderful activity! Before your first bike ride of the season, plan to clean off the (literal) cobwebs on your bikes. You can even wash them down with soap and water (this would be a fun activity for kids; it’s a bike wash instead of a car wash!). Check to see if seats need to be raised after last season, and add air to everyone’s tires. You’ll be all set to ride!

Swing Set:

Swing sets are outside in the elements, so it makes total sense that they tend to get dirty! If your swing set has a buildup of grime and mildew, it’s time to clean it off. Some sets might do best with help from a power washer, but the vast majority need you to get to work with a hose, soap, and sponge. Don’t forget to sweep off steps and make sure all of the swings are tightened for the season. You can get your kids in on the chore too!

What tasks are on your outdoor spring cleaning checklist? Let us know which projects you take on as we welcome warmer weather!