How to earn a gift card using free apps

One piece of advice that I’ve learned over and over again as a shopper is that there’s more than one way to find what you want. This has especially become true with online shopping. Way back when, in order to find a certain type of electronic device or that absolutely perfect blouse you saw last […]Read more

The 4 craziest apps everyone should have

Recently, I made a promise to myself: I’d be open to more new experiences and would stop saying no so much. Crazily enough, one of the first things I started saying yes to was apps my friends were suggesting. Forever, I’d been reflexively no-ing apps that paid me to take surveys. (And also that one […]Read more

How to Get Free Kicks on Shopkick

For as long as there have been apps, there have been hacks for apps. In fact, my one friend—let’s call him Shady Jay, he’d like that—is always telling me about them. I’m more into tech and apps than anyone else in our friend group, so I’ll bring up an app and Shady Jay will say, […]Read more

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