How to Upgrade Your Closet for Fall on a Budget

The fall season has arrived, and that means it’s time for a closet upgrade! I love stocking up on cozy fall boots, durable jackets, distressed denim, and new accessories. One of my favorite ways to begin my fall-haul is by clearing out my summer clothes and selling them. Then, I can stock up on a […]Read more

5 Benefits of Shopping with QVC

I have to be honest, I’m a self-admitted shopaholic. I can’t resist the urge to freshen up my wardrobe, makeup, and home décor every time beautiful autumn rolls around. Maybe it’s because I love the feeling of entering each new year as a better version of myself, and I feel I can put my best […]Read more

The Ultimate List of Free Apps That Give You Gift Cards My daughter has been business-minded since birth. The lemonade stand that she set up this summer has recently morphed into an apple cider shack (and I think she’s drawing up plans for a hot cocoa house to launch in December). She’s so committed to […]Read more

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