10 Money Making Apps Your Friends Will Thank You for Recommending I’ve always been that friend in my social circle who has to tell everyone else about the things that I’m absolutely loving right now. Let’s say I go to see a great new movie. Well then, you better believe I’ll be starting a group […]Read more

  6 Ways to Earn Starbucks Rewards; Even in the Shopping Aisle My family and I recently took a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. A word of advice, though. There’s basically two parts of the city—the newer area to the north where all the super fancy resorts […]Read more

Back to School Savings

Although we all may want the long days of summer to last all year, there is one major perk to going back to school: shopping! When I was a student, back to school shopping was such a highlight that I always chose a day during the week, wrote it down in my planner and circled […]Read more

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