How to Get Free Kicks on Shopkick

For as long as there have been apps, there have been hacks for apps. In fact, my one friend—let’s call him Shady Jay, he’d like that—is always telling me about them. I’m more into tech and apps than anyone else in our friend group, so I’ll bring up an app and Shady Jay will say, […]Read more

Free grocery list apps with prices and rebates

When I was growing up, my mom had this fancy notepad mounted on the wall beside our old-school green refrigerator, just below the landline phone. (Remember those?) This notepad was where she kept the always-changing grocery list where she would write down anything she ran out of midweek and any ingredients she needed for a […]Read more

The top 3 cash back apps like Ebates

I recently had lunch with an old friend I hadn’t seen since college, if you can believe that! So much had happened since we last saw each other, and so, of course, we caught up about our husbands and our kids and our lives over flat whites at Starbucks. We laughed so hard that everyone […]Read more

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