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Amazon and Shopkick team up to deliver a prime experience

Amazon addicts, rejoice! There’s one gift that’s come early this year: has arrived on Shopkick. Get kicks for shopping special categories on Amazon through Shopkick — and turn those kicks into more rewards and awesome gift cards! Check out Amazon fashion, devices, and more on the Shopkick app.   Get decked out with Amazon […]Read more

Best Buy rewards programs: How to sign up using a smartphone app

If you’re a techie like me, you know that the “it” devices and technology change fast. The tech we’re dying to get our hands on today—iPhone X, Nintendo Switches, and 4K TVs—is likely going to be obsolete tomorrow (ahem, VHS, cassettes, and even DVDs…) One thing, however, I predict will stay the same: Best Buy […]Read more

The best rewards program for shopping at Walmart

Growing up, my mom always got stuck playing referee between my siblings and me. We were always fighting. Nothing serious, of course, just the usual kid stuff, but she still had to be the one to step in and break it up sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. Her strategy was to separate us first, […]Read more

Addictive beauty product rewards programs on mobile apps

The foundation for any successful shopping trip is planning. Whenever I need to run out, whether it’s for groceries, toiletries, clothes, or school supplies, I make a list. I know exactly what I need and how many. I also try to plan out if I need to make any stops along the way and combine […]Read more

Sleigh bells ring for kicks and Kohl’s deals online

More of your holiday favorites are now online! Reward yourself while shopping for all your holiday gifts at Kohl’s online through Shopkick. Plus, take advantage of Kohl’s deals available online this holiday season.  Earn kicks for shopping Kohl’s deals online Stock up on all your holiday gifts while earning kicks for every dollar spent! Kohl’s offers […]Read more

How to quickly get cash back on apps for receipts

I remember one semester in college when I really, really wanted to take a classic spring break road trip down to Florida with all my friends. Everyone was going to pack into a minivan and head down to Panama Beach. After all my hours and hours of study, plus the healthy dose of snow that […]Read more

Get paid to shop online: Free apps for mobile shoppers

Remember when cellphones first became popular and they were used to, well, make phone calls? These days, phone calls are actually only one of a million ways I seem to use my cellphone (i.e why we now call them “smart”phones, ba-da-bing). It’s a map, a camera, an address book, a way to get messages to […]Read more

Deck the halls with Overstock deals

Deck the halls with Overstock deals on Shopkick! Shopkickers can now shop the latest in home trends at surplus prices to earn more kicks towards a free gift card of their choosing. ‘Tis the season for Overstock deals In addition to low prices, Overstock constantly features additional sales, clearance items, and flash deals on everything […]Read more

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