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Rewards Sites That Actually Work (Online and In-Store)

One of my ladies, Janette, is the absolute best at telling you what you need to hear. She prides herself on being upfront and telling the truth. For that reason, she’s always been a great person to know, especially when you need a second opinion. I’ve known Janette since college, and she’s given me great […]Read more

You asked, we delivered! arrives on Shopkick

Brace yourself: is here just in time to help you get extra kicks for your holiday shopping. Starting today, you’ll earn kicks when you purchase online at through the Shopkick app.  You’re about to be that much closer to earning your next gift card! Here’s the scoop on is the online […]Read more

The Best Shopping Rewards Programs to Join for Free

The Best Shopping Rewards Programs to Join for Free I love it when something just makes common sense and I don’t have to overthink it. As a mom, common sense answers are king so I can keep my mental energy saved up for keeping up with my munchkins. I love using common sense so much […]Read more

Pack your bags! comes to Shopkick

Some very informative articles popping up in my Facebook feed say that the anticipation of a vacation sometimes brings even more happiness than the vacation itself. Well, now that has come to Shopkick, we can not only enjoy the anticipation of a great trip, but also have a nice, big, free gift card waiting […]Read more

How You Can Use Multiple Rebate Apps to Maximize Rewards

I used to have a drawer in my kitchen where I put all my coupons, rebates, special offers, etc., all those invaluable little pieces of paper that made stretching my budget to the max possible. It was just an ordinary drawer, but it was absolutely full to the brim with money-saving paper scraps. There were […]Read more

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