Easy money: apps that pay you to grocery shop

Hey everyone, I think it’s time we talk about easy money. It sounds great, right? But what does that really mean? In my own experience as a mom raising three boys and trying to keep my monthly budget tight, easy money tends to mean anything that reduces my spending. This happens through reduced prices, rebates, […]Read more

How to earn Best Buy rewards points on a budget

My boys are of the age where they are starting to discover things about life that make my job as a parent more complicated. That’s right, they’ve discovered the wonders of electronics and Best Buy! They are just collectively freaking out about all the new gadgets, video games, and gear they’re finding. I love to […]Read more

Get a move on: the best apps that pay you to walk

I take a lot of evening walks. I just love to stretch my legs, get some fresh air, and see my town at a slower pace. It’s easy to miss out on things when you’re zooming by, running errands. Then a funny thing happened on one of these walks: A friend pulled up and asked […]Read more

Shopkick Survey: What’s Keeping Mom Up at Night?

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we asked Shopkick moms what’s most on their minds this year. In a survey of over 5,600 moms across the country ranging from ages 18-71, we uncovered how moms feel about raising children in light of some of today’s news. From Millennials to the Silent Generation, from Californians to […]Read more

3 cool apps that offer rewards for techies

Being a techie has its perks—I was on social media before any of my friends, and I had an iPhone back when most people I knew were still on flip phones. But, there’s also a downside. While we may be the first to know about a new or yet-to-be-released device, the pressure of keeping up […]Read more

How to Earn Kicks: 15 Tips for Shopkick Success

I’m a Shopkick master, everyone knows that. I mean, it’s nothing for me to earn a gift card a month, which I promptly spend on splurges at Starbucks or combine with all my Walmart Savings Catcher deals for extra savings. Right now, I’m saving up for a Best Buy gift card for a special someone. […]Read more

The 4 craziest apps everyone should have

Recently, I made a promise to myself: I’d be open to more new experiences and would stop saying no so much. Crazily enough, one of the first things I started saying yes to was apps my friends were suggesting. Forever, I’d been reflexively no-ing apps that paid me to take surveys. (And also that one […]Read more

Amazon Home is now on Shopkick!

You can now get kicks on Amazon Home! Find everything you need to outfit your home. Shop featured categories at Amazon Home to find the most commonly sought items within home improvement, home decor, furniture, dining, lawn & garden, and more. Get kicks on Amazon Home Whether you are starting from scratch or just freshening […]Read more

3 easy ways to earn Amazon gift cards for free

I go through phases where my favorite stores change. When I was a semi-poor college student, I did a whole bunch of my shopping at thrift stores. Back when I was going on job interviews, I was a huge Macy’s girl. Then, after my three beautiful boys were born, I spent the majority of my […]Read more

How to shop your way to free gift cards

Shopping has brought so many new things into my life. (I mean, bringing new things into my life is literally the point of shopping.) I’ve made friends with gals who like to shop at the same stores I do, for instance, and it has taught me things like the thrills of value hunting and to […]Read more

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