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Learn how to make money from apps to fuel your techie needs

The thing about working your hardest to stay up on all the latest tech trends is your work is never really done. That’s both the blessing and the curse of being a techie. Almost immediately after you invest in a new device with a new set of functionalities, tech companies are getting ready to turn […]Read more

7 Things Moms Really Need When The Kids Go Back To School

With summer coming to a close and fall kicking into full swing, it’s finally time for the kids to rush off back to school. On one hand, the daily activities, endless pool days and lack of school structure that filled your summertime schedule left you happy to spend time with your kids, but you also […]Read more

Fall is for Football: Let’s get ready to tailgate and cheer!

Every season feels as though it was designed specifically for the sport played throughout, and the fall makes football feel even more poignant. Perhaps this time of year makes you remember all of the Friday nights you spent under the lights in high school. Maybe you remember attending your very first game with family or […]Read more

Savor Your First Sip and Save with Starbucks

Whether it’s the feeling that time has paused as you enjoy your morning commute momentarily lost in your current read, the luxury experienced on vacation, or a long summer day filled with the perfect mixture of nostalgia from season’s past and a joy for the present moment, all three share a common theme: leisure. But, […]Read more

Don’t miss out on big Labor Day kicks!

Ready for more kicks? Celebrate Labor Day with great deals and big kicks all weekend long! Earn tons of kicks in stores when you walk in and purchase using your linked card. Plus, earn kicks for every $1 spent online through the Shopkick app. View the kick plan below or open your app to start […]Read more

Get the Best Deals on Amazon With These 8 Techie Hacks

Get the Best Deals on Amazon With These 8 Techie Hacks Amazon is something I’ve come to rely on in my life pretty heavily, and I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not alone. Scratch that! I know for a fact I’m not alone! Since first coming on the scene about two decades ago, Amazon has […]Read more

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