Tech-forward iPhone apps that pay you cash

When my friends and I get together, talk always inevitably turns to basketball. The other day, one of my buddies was telling me a story about how he saw the most amazing college basketball game of his life during his senior year of high school back in 2006. He said he’d never been to a […]Read more

How to kick off National Reading Month and get rewards

What’s the best way to kick off National Reading Month? With kicks, of course! What is National Reading Month? March has been designated National Reading Month to encourage and celebrate the fun and adventure of reading. How can you participate? Here are 5 ways to get inspired this month! 1. Read aloud Reading aloud as […]Read more

Digital coupon apps for Android that stretch your budget

I like to keep my budget using an online spreadsheet. Each month I enter in estimations for how much my husband and I will need for food, clothing, school supplies for the boys, and a few more categories. Some of these categories I like, some of them are just on there because they absolutely have […]Read more

Retail coupon apps that reward your loyalty

When I was a kid, my mom always took me with her shopping. If I wanted a pair of jeans or a shirt or anything that was full price, she’d ask me if I’d checked the clearance racks. More often than not, I could find something else I wanted, cheaper. Then she’d remind me of […]Read more

Get rewarded for your spring break travel

There’s only one thing better than planning the perfect spring break trip: earning free gift cards for booking your travel! Earn kicks for every dollar you spend when you book your spring break travel through the Shopkick app with Hotwire,,, or CheapOair.   Choose your destination Not sure sure where to head this […]Read more

8 crazy apps that you won’t believe exist

I love apps. I love them when they are silly and playful, and I love them when they actually help me get through my day, like when I have to navigate traffic or take notes during a meeting. I mean, to be honest, I love apps so much that sometimes they take up so much […]Read more

Free smartphone coupon apps for fast food connoisseurs

There is one love that’s been with me my entire life: fast food. Whether I’m at the airport or just grabbing a quick bite on the go, fast food for me is comfort food, and it’s convenient and, well, I could go on and on. Now, over the years my fast food palate has gotten […]Read more

The top apps for making cash to bolster your budget

There are some things in the world that are mighty and bottomless. Okay, okay, mostly I’m referring to the stomachs of the three growing boys at home. I swear, as soon as I get home with groceries, they pounce and before I know it, half of what I’ve just bought is gone! Yes, it really […]Read more

Counting Cupids: Shopkick Valentine’s Day Stats!

We polled over 11,000 of our Shopkick users to find out what they had in the works for the big Day of Love this year. See what we found out below! Men Know Their Expectations This Year 40% of Men, compared to only 31% of Women, believe it’s “very important” to give a gift this […]Read more

How to earn money by downloading apps—for free

I was recently in the market for a new piece of art, so I set out to find a bit of extra money in my budget. I love to buy new art, pick it out, and then take my time (usually with a glass of red wine) finding the perfect place to put it. But, […]Read more

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