Pack your bags! comes to Shopkick

Some very informative articles popping up in my Facebook feed say that the anticipation of a vacation sometimes brings even more happiness than the vacation itself. Well, now that has come to Shopkick, we can not only enjoy the anticipation of a great trip, but also have a nice, big, free gift card waiting […]Read more

How You Can Use Multiple Rebate Apps to Maximize Rewards

I used to have a drawer in my kitchen where I put all my coupons, rebates, special offers, etc., all those invaluable little pieces of paper that made stretching my budget to the max possible. It was just an ordinary drawer, but it was absolutely full to the brim with money-saving paper scraps. There were […]Read more

User-Friendly Apps That Pay You for Scanning Barcodes

I have a bit of a reputation amongst my friends. Nothing scandalous, mind you. My reputation is for being a bargain hunter. I’m always in the know about unadvertised sales—and when you should buy that little extra that feels a bit overpriced. Recently, after a particularly grueling spin class, my friend Lisa came to me […]Read more

How to Earn Target Gift Cards Using a Free App

They know me at my Target. I can be found roaming the aisles every Sunday afternoon while my husband hangs out with the kids and helps them finish up their homework for the week ahead. I usually start every trip with a treat to enjoy while I browse the Target app for deals: an iced […]Read more

A Toast to Kicks & Cocktails – Welcome Minibar to Shopkick

Minibar has been added to Shopkick!  Now we can earn kicks while having our beverage of choice delivered to our doorstep. Cheers to that! Seriously, apart from the convenience of not having to make a run to the store when it looks like the drinks are running low, Minibar is also helping my inner hostess […]Read more

How to Ditch Multiple Rewards Program Cards for an Easy to Use App

My kids were in that mood. You know, the one where if causing trouble was an Olympic sport, they’d be setting all time records. We were at the grocery store and they were careening down the aisles, knocking cereal off shelves in their wake—and sneaking giant bags of M&Ms into the cart when I wasn’t […]Read more

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