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Kraft partnered with Shopkick to drive sales during the holiday season

Campaign Goals

Kraft® was looking to boost sales of its baking products at Walmart locations during the busy holiday shopping season. 

Pre-shop, the brand wanted to build awareness and consideration amongst an incremental audience, and encourage shoppers to add Kraft® baking products to their shopping carts leading up to the winter holidays. 

In-store, Kraft® wanted to reach consumers as they were in a holiday baking mindset, guide them to the products at shelf, and incentivize interaction. 

In the busiest shopping season of the year, Kraft® was looking to drive sales and preserve its margins without the use of coupons or discounts.

Shopkick Solution

Shopkick first built pre-shop consideration with holiday inspired content and in-app recipes to boost product awareness and engage consumers at home. 

In-store, Shopkick created a fun and memorable experience by sending shoppers on a scavenger hunt to seek out the featured products in-aisle. At shelf, Shopkick drove consideration as shoppers physically engaged with the products by scanning their barcodes for rewards points. Finally, by offering elevated kicks for purchasing all three featured Kraft® baking products, Shopkick increased purchase likelihood and boosted sales.


The campaign drove over 9M in-store product engagements at Walmart locations across the nation, and over 18M total campaign impressions. With an average 27% of scanners converting to purchase, the campaign drove an impressive ROI of 7.6:1. 

Additionally, the campaign was successful in driving incremental purchases. In fact, on average, 55% of purchasers were not planning to buy the featured Kraft® baking products before their visit to the store.




Campaign impressions


of purchases were unplanned



Build brand awareness
Drive trial and consideration
Boost sales


National Walmart retailers


Branded Lookbook, Promo Units, In-Store Scans, Purchase Validation, Cross Promotion