Brand Awareness

Video advertising: Advantages and disadvantages for brand growth and awareness

Video advertising’s potential advantages and disadvantages are open to debate. Many companies have found video to be a powerful converter and have made it an integral part of their marketing campaigns. Others choose to go with more traditional advertising avenues. Determining if it will be profitable for your own brand is something that’s often difficult, […]Read more

Creative Customer Rewards Program Ideas to Engage New Shoppers

While loyalty is important to maintaining a brand’s current market share, pulling in new leads is the catalyst for true growth. Increasing market share is easier said than done, however, as your company’s goal is the same as millions of other companies—and there are only so many consumers to go around. In a crowded, overly […]Read more

How Innovative Retail Mobile Apps Can Drive CPG Brand Awareness

Mobile apps have ushered in a new wave of advertising. In addition to building brand awareness through traditional methods, such as television or print, brands are focusing on more genuine connections with consumers in way that makes sense for them. Mobile apps offer that opportunity. Print and television ads are simply unable to travel with […]Read more