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Creating customer value in retail: 5 ways to incentivize your customers

Creating customer value isn’t just about gaining more revenue from customers, it’s also about building relationships with modern customers to keep them returning to your locations. That’s not to say customer value doesn’t have its impact on revenue: Customers who think a retailer is providing excellent service spend 17% more than those who don’t. Part […]Read more

Modern customer relationship building strategies for the digital shopper

Customer relationship building strategies are one of the cornerstones of marketing to help increase brand awareness, build market share and growth, and improve overall product perception. Many companies are seeking ways to leverage expansions in artificial intelligence and utilize smart technologies to create meaningful conversations with customers. Most modern customer relationship building relies on technology […]Read more

Creative Customer Rewards Program Ideas to Engage New Shoppers

While loyalty is important to maintaining a brand’s current market share, pulling in new leads is the catalyst for true growth. Increasing market share is easier said than done, however, as your company’s goal is the same as millions of other companies—and there are only so many consumers to go around. In a crowded, overly […]Read more

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