The top factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions you haven’t considered

Throughout the history, two primary factors have influenced consumer decision making: the internal and external locus of control. Those with an internal locus of control attribute their success to their own practices and abilities. Those with an external locus of control attribute success or failure to fate and external forces. These beliefs and practices can […]Read more

Grocery retail apps: Why they attract millennials to CPG brands

Gaining millennial interest for a CPG brand is a common challenge marketers face. Grocery retail apps could be the answer. Millennial purchase behaviors are often erratic, not due to the fact that millennials themselves are erratic, but because of their reliance on technology. Currently, millennials make up one of the largest buying groups in existence. […]Read more

CPG retail analytics: How consumer apps can bolster market insights

CPG retail analytics provides valuable insight into consumer purchase behavior. In the past, the data necessary for this analysis was only available to consumer packaged goods brands from retailers well after a purchase was made. This often resulted in an expensive delay between the implementation of a marketing strategy and determining how effective that strategy […]Read more

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