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Hey Siri, let’s go shopping: Holiday shopping habits survey:

Twas the holiday season, and all through the mall, shoppers were gathering their holiday hauls! As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, shoppers are already checking their lists (more than twice) and searching for the best deals. While most people (54 percent) plan to go to physical stores for the majority of their holiday shopping, nearly 1 in 5 Gen Z shoppers will be turning to Alexa, Siri, and other virtual and voice assistants to help them buy the perfect holiday gifts online.

This holiday season, Shopkick surveyed more than 7,000 users across the country to get insight on this holiday’s must-have brands, when, where and how they’ll be shopping, and how much they plan to spend this year.

Holiday Headlines:

  • Sleigh the Deals: Nearly nine out of ten shoppers (89 percent) gravitate to the best deals rather than specific brands, and half (53 percent) plan to spend more than $300 total on gifts.
  • Checking it Twice (or Thrice): An impressive 37 percent of respondents stated they’ll price check 3-5 items, and 27 percent will compare more than 5 items before making a purchase decision.
  • Merry & Mobile: Millennials are most likely to shop via their mobile device this holiday season (41 percent), followed by Gen Z (34 percent) and Gen X (33 percent).
  • Tech the Halls: Of all the generations, Gen X will spend the most on electronics (45 percent).
  • Sporty (Old) Spice: The Silent Generation outspends all other generations (3 times as much) on sporting goods, and plans to spend the most  (39 percent of their planned holiday budget) on apparel.
  • One for You, One for Me: Over half (57 percent) of those surveyed also plan on treating themselves while shopping, with Gen Z leading the charge (61 percent).
  • All They Want for Christmas is: Apple products! When asked what brands top their search list, Apple was the clear leader followed closely by Samsung. Shoppers will also be looking for Lego, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and Sony. Honorable mentions include FitBit, Barbie, American Girl Dolls, Nike, and Adidas.
  • If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em: While shoppers say crowds are the No. 1 thing that turns them into the Grinch, more than half (54 percent) still plan to brave physical stores.


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