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How to increase sales in grocery stores when CPG eCommerce is on the rise

We don’t have to tell you twice, but running a brick-and-mortar grocery store can be costly. Naturally, you want to maximize your returns when you’re shelling out around $160,000 just on inventory. In some ways, you’re competing against local competitors, but you’re increasingly competing against eCommerce players as well. The share of US consumers who […]Read more

How retailers can leverage millennial buying power to boost sales in 2020

According to the most recent data, over 72 million millennials currently live in the United States. These adults, who will be turning 24-38 in 2020, have a colossal influence on retail and the U.S. economy as a whole. Accenture estimates that millennials will make up 30% of total retail sales in 2020 with a total purchasing power of over $1.4 trillion.Read more

5 effective ways to reward customer loyalty

These days, rewarding customer loyalty is often expected in the competitive marketplace as part of doing business. One study found that 79% of customers will only consider shopping with brands that demonstrate they understand and care about them. Brands looking to prove to customers they care should consider ways to reward customer loyalty.   On average, […]Read more

The most effective marketing channels for CPG brands to reach customers

The most effective marketing strategy for CPG brands is an omnichannel strategy. You’re likely already dividing your marketing budget between traditional broadcasting, print advertising, digital advertising, and maybe social media—and all of these channels work together to increase brand awareness and hopefully steal market share from competitors who are doing the exact same thing.

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