How to create brand awareness—and excitement—for new products

A new product launch is an exciting, but also nerve-inducing, event for any CPG brand. You’ve done market research and held focus groups—and you believe that you have a product that will resonate with consumers. However, even big data can’t guarantee a successful launch. For that, you need a powerful marketing campaign that will excite […]Read more

The 3 new CPG marketing trends that brands must know

CPG marketing is in the midst of a paradigm shift. In the past, many CPG brands focused on partnering with retailers to gain market share, rather than reaching out to consumers directly. However, as web and mobile-based options like online ordering have increased, so has a divide between CPG brands and retailers that many did […]Read more

Fast food advertising budgets: How your QSR brand can compete for less

Fast food is one of the most highly advertised consumer-facing markets in the world. Recent figures indicate that $4.6 billion is spent on fast food advertising annually in the US alone. The reasons behind why this segment advertises so heavily are high competition coupled with a limited window of opportunity. Consumers make fast food decisions […]Read more

Modern customer relationship building strategies for the digital shopper

Customer relationship building strategies are one of the cornerstones of marketing to help increase brand awareness, build market share and growth, and improve overall product perception. Many companies are seeking ways to leverage expansions in artificial intelligence and utilize smart technologies to create meaningful conversations with customers. Most modern customer relationship building relies on technology […]Read more

Brand awareness marketing strategies with proven ROIs

Brand awareness is the first step in growing market share for a CPG brand. When consumers are aware of a brand, they’re more likely to give it a try and possibly become a regular user. However, gaining this brand awareness is a challenge as a crowded marketplace has been a CPG industry trend in recent […]Read more

Retail consumer apps: How to engage in-store shoppers on mobile devices

Many retailers view mobile apps only as an expansion of their online shopping space, and not as a route to in-store sales. This is a mistake. By their very nature, consumers use apps while on the go and, more often than many retailers believe, they’re using them for in-store shopping. When you’re evaluating which features […]Read more

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