Understanding millennial spending habits as a QSR marketing professional

When it comes to millennial spending habits, quick service restaurants (QSR) are in a strong position. Millennials are more willing than other generations to eat out, with 79% reporting they regularly spend money eating at restaurants. As such, their habits are influencing how QSRs market their offerings. QSR marketing professionals need to understand millennials’ unique […]Read more

Three must know video marketing statistics

Knowing what your competitors are doing in terms of marketing initiatives is one of the key parts of building a campaign, and you can gain a lot of insight from video marketing statistics for 2018. Understanding competitors’ practices reveals how they’re reaching out to consumers and, sometimes, what you should be trying as well. Using […]Read more

Is CPG advertising ready for the digital age of shopping?

In CPG advertising in the past, much of the marketing was done through retailers via in-store advertisements and shelf placement. Retailers acted as middlemen that passed the CPG products to the masses. Direct to consumer sales was not an area most CPG brands spent time on. That all changed with the arrival of the digital […]Read more

Added value marketing: 3 easy ways to incentivize your customers

A win-win for both a brand and its customers, added value marketing offers the consumer many more incentives and rewards than standard marketing does, while simultaneously costing the brand very little compared to other advertising methods. Added value marketing—commonly referred to as value-added marketing—is a strategic method of advertising used for building brand affinity. It […]Read more

Grocery retail apps: Why they attract millennials to CPG brands

Gaining millennial interest for a CPG brand is a common challenge marketers face. Grocery retail apps could be the answer. Millennial purchase behaviors are often erratic, not due to the fact that millennials themselves are erratic, but because of their reliance on technology. Currently, millennials make up one of the largest buying groups in existence. […]Read more

CPG retail analytics: How consumer apps can bolster market insights

CPG retail analytics provides valuable insight into consumer purchase behavior. In the past, the data necessary for this analysis was only available to consumer packaged goods brands from retailers well after a purchase was made. This often resulted in an expensive delay between the implementation of a marketing strategy and determining how effective that strategy […]Read more

2018 tax refund trends: early filers spending on travel

If the only sure things in life are death and taxes, then tax refund spending is surely a seasonal shopping moment that shouldn’t be ignored. We recently conducted a survey to find out when Americans file their returns, and how they plan to spend their refunds. The majority of those surveyed (66%) expect a refund […]Read more

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