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Shopkick welcomes new Chief Technology Officer

This week Shopkick is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new CTO, Chethan Visweswar. With more than 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley building large scale enterprise SaaS applications, Visweswar brings deep knowledge in software development, mobile applications and customer adoption for travel, loyalty and enterprise companies.Read more

How to market a new product successfully using social and mobile

How to market a new product successfully using social and mobile Get In Touch Many of the tips on how to market a new product online are familiar. Study what your competition is doing, know your demographics and target the right audience, adjust your marketing message to them, and connect with consumers on social media […]Read more

The top factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions you haven’t considered

Throughout the history, two primary factors have influenced consumer decision making: the internal and external locus of control. Those with an internal locus of control attribute their success to their own practices and abilities. Those with an external locus of control attribute success or failure to fate and external forces. These beliefs and practices can […]Read more

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