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Valentine’s Day Shopping Habits: Survey Results

According to our recent survey of Shopkickers, men plan to go all out this Valentine’s Day, spending more than twice as much as women: an average of $207.60 on their significant other and $70.24 on their children. On the other half of the heart, women plan to spend $89.54 on their sweeties and $40.30 on the little ones.Read more

Tips for mCommerce customer relationship marketing

Customer relationship marketing is a segment of marketing that focuses not on the immediate sale but rather on ongoing business. Obviously, the value of a loyal customer is high. In fact, it’s estimated that a 5% increase in retention can lead to a 25% increase in profitability. However, keeping customers shopping with you can be […]Read more

App-based fast food advertising: Is the ROI worth the cost?

Fast food advertising is competitive, and not just for converting customers: Given the sea of competition, it can be a challenge just to get your advertisement viewed by consumers in the first place. Nearly $1.5 billion was invested in fast food advertising in 2016, and that number is steadily growing. Many marketers in the industry […]Read more

Creating customer value in retail: 5 ways to incentivize your customers

Creating customer value isn’t just about gaining more revenue from customers, it’s also about building relationships with modern customers to keep them returning to your locations. That’s not to say customer value doesn’t have its impact on revenue: Customers who think a retailer is providing excellent service spend 17% more than those who don’t. Part […]Read more

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