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Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for shopping

Earn free gift cards in-store and online

Shopkick is the app that rewards you for shopping in-store and online. Earn reward points (we call them kicks), then redeem for a wide selection of free gift cards!


Have fun earning rewards points (kicks) when you walk into partner store, scan select products, or make purchases.


Earn kicks when you visit our online partners from Shopkick, view select offers, or make online purchases.

Shopkick users have earned

$85 millionin free gift cards!

Treat yourself with free gift cards!

Redeem the kicks you earn for an exciting selection of digital gift cards. Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and Groupon are just a few of the cards available.

How will you treat yourself?

Free Gift Cards

I use Shopkick to shop online, and already cashed out over $50 in gift cards towards my Xbox controller!

Patrick from Florida

Extra money while shopping, it’s a no brainer! Redeemed my first Starbucks gift card in a week.

Frances from Illinois

I love to Shopkick with friends! We earn kicks for scanning and I’m saving for a Kitchen Aid!

Jenn from Texas

We partner with brands and retailers to bring you rewards

Popular brands and retailers pay us to award you kicks for visiting their stores, and for shopping for select products. It's a win-win for everyone!

Start earning your first free gift card today!

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