Free grocery list apps with prices and rebates

When I was growing up, my mom had this fancy notepad mounted on the wall beside our old-school green refrigerator, just below the landline phone. (Remember those?) This notepad was where she kept the always-changing grocery list where she would write down anything she ran out of midweek and any ingredients she needed for a special recipe. My mother was—and still is—really conscientious. She plans everything and I seriously doubt she ever went shopping for groceries without one of these lists. Not once in her entire life.

best grocery list app with pricesTimes have, obviously, changed since then. For starters, my house doesn’t have a landline and we certainly don’t have a giant lime-green refrigerator. I also don’t have a notepad pinned to the wall. But, like my mother, I never go to the store without a list. I simply use my smartphone, specifically a grocery list app with prices, instead.

These sort of apps are great for several reasons. First, you have them with you wherever you take your phone, which, let’s face it, is everywhere these days. The second is that they make managing your budget easier because they feature prices for the items you buy. And that’s what I want to talk about today: the features that all good grocery list apps should have, and, of course, which free grocery list app with prices (and also rebates) is my all-time favorite!

The Must-Have Features for Every Grocery List App with Prices

Because there are a ton of different free grocery list apps with prices out there to choose from, it behooves shoppers like us to know which ones are the best, the easiest to use, and, of course, the most effective at creating extra space in our budgets!

Here are some of the features ideal free grocery list apps with prices should have:

  • Shows Prices and Saves Money: Obviously, any good grocery list app should have these two things. When you add an item to your list, you should be able to see how much it will cost; otherwise, you’re essentially just using a fancier version of a notepad. But, the best of these apps should have a means of saving you money, too, whether it’s through some sort of reward point system that ultimately gives you credit at your favorite stores or through online couponing. Either one works!
  • Search Function: The ability to search for various items is also key. Instead of wandering the aisles of your favorite local grocer in search of whatever you need, you open your app whenever you think of something you need, do a quick search, and add the item to your list. Some apps even let you order your list by area of the store—beauty and personal care, household supplies, frozen foods, for example—so you’re not doubling back all the time. I mean, we all need our exercise, but c’mon!
  • Popular Items Reminders: Even the most conscientious shopper out there (which I honestly think might be my mom) tends to forget items from time to time. That’s why it’s necessary to find a free grocery list app that can remind you of the most popular items that other shoppers are hunting for as well. Basically, it gives you a little nudge in case you happen to regularly forget things like toilet paper.

The Best Grocery List App with Prices

Now we get to the best part, the free grocery list app with prices and rebates that just so happens to be my very own personal favorite. It’s called Shopkick, and it has all three of the features I mentioned above, but it especially wins the rebates and money-saving category. In the big picture, Shopkick gives you points—called kicks—for things you already do, like buying products, scanning the barcodes on certain items for more info, and even just walking into some stores. Then, you can turn those points into gift cards to your favorite stores.

Shopkick also has a great shopping list app that you can use for everything from keeping your groceries organized to making a list of the kids’ summer clothes. As soon as you open the app it shows you all the nearby stores offering kicks, which can help you decide that it might be better to get your razors at Rite-Aid than Kroger’s, say. When you add certain items to your list—like pasta sauce, for instance—Shopkick will also show you which brands or products are offering extra points for purchase (or even just for scanning the item), and at what stores. You can use this to really rack up the kicks and earn lots of rewards fast. Once you find the items you need and tag them in your list, it even organizes your items by department so you’re not running back and forth between aisles while you’re shopping.

Another cool aspect of the app is that it lets you discover sales and cool trending items. And, the app even shows you deals for a lot of the things you discover and add to your shopping list. Super cool!

I would never criticize my mama’s old-timey-notepad-beside-the-fridge system, but I must say that I think using my favorite free grocery list app with prices and rebates is a way better system.

I may be a good daughter, and I would never criticize my mama’s old-timey-notepad-beside-the-fridge system, but I must say that I think using my favorite free grocery list app with prices and rebates is a way better system. It’s fun to use, and basically makes every trip to the store into a fun game to save money. Plus, it literally helps me find points that will save money in my budget in the future. I’ve never seen a notepad do that!

I highly recommend giving Shopkick a chance, if not for the list functionality then for all the savings it offers. Added plus: Shopkick hosts some really cool social media channels where I’ve personally found oodles of great recipes (and hilarious memes) through all my Shopkicking friends. Give it a chance and see for yourself, friends!

Learn how you too can benefit from the best free grocery list app with prices and rebates. Download Shopkick’s free app and get ready to be wowed. Welcome to the fun, Shopkicker!

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