Advertising and Your Choices

Advertising and your choices

Welcome to the Shopkick Advertising and Your Choices page! Because most online experiences involve data collection, data sharing, and interest-based advertisements, below is our attempt to help you understand some of your options regarding online advertisements. We hope you find this information helpful.

Usage Technology

The technology described below is commonly used to market and advertise; they can be intimidating, so we’ve tried to explain these technologies in words you may understand.


Mmmm, cookies. Sorry, this isn’t a fresh baked treat. As we use it, a cookie is a small data file that is kept in your computer’s (or other device’s) memory for record-keeping purposes.

Types of Cookies:
Session cookies are placed on your device when you actively browse or interact with webpages on your device. Once you close such webpages and its services, session cookies disappear and are deleted.

Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies survive the closure of webpages and your interaction with services. Persistent cookies allow webpages to recognize you when you re-visit or re-use services on your device. You may choose to delete persistent cookies within the settings of your specific device.

Flash cookies are a text file that allow large amounts of data to be stored locally, while maintaining the overall performance of a webpage and allowing you to view specific content. For more information about flash cookies, you may visit Flash Play Help.

Chocolate Chip Cookies are our favorite.

What cookies do we use on our website?

Pixels (or sometimes called web beacons)

A pixel tag is an electronic image, often a single pixel and often transparent, that is placed on a web page and may be associated with cookies on your hard drive. This technology allows webpages to conduct analytics and better understand your web behavior and user experience on webpages.
Most video screens contain about 1 million pixels!

Do Not Track

Do Not Track is a device option that allows you to tell certain webpages not to collect and track your online activity. Not all web browsers and companies can detect this signal, and may not follow this setting. For more information about Do Not Track, visit .

How Does Shopkick Advertise?

Your Experience Within The Shopkick Program
Shopkick advertises within our mobile application, our website, and otherwise on the internet. As mentioned within our Privacy Policy, we use Cookies, pixels and other Usage Technology to administer the shopkick Program, its features, and advertisements. The shopkick Program contains content and advertisements that are personalized for you, based on your interests. These advertisements are tailored to you based on your interests and online experiences.

General Advertising Outside The Shopkick Program
We also advertise on the internet, which is a common method and platform for advertising. These advertisements may be seen on other webpages outside of the shopkick Program. Some of these advertisements may be based on your personal preferences; these kinds of advertisements are called interest-based advertisements. We discuss this in more detail in the section below “What Are Interest Based Advertisements?”
To perform this kind of advertising and deliver such content, we use third-party marketing and advertising partners, and share information about you as discussed in our Privacy Policy. This sharing not only allows us to advertise to you based on your personal preferences, but it also allows our third-party marketing and advertising partners to market to you based on your preferences. To opt-out of this type of sharing, please click here. Note, you will still see content, advertisements, and kick-earning opportunities within the shopkick Program that are personalized to your preferences. There is no way to non-personalize the shopkick Program.
Also, if you choose to opt-out of this type of sharing, you will still see general advertisements on the internet that are not tailored to your preferences and experiences. Although not personalized, these advertisements may still fit your general demographics. To learn some more about how this type of advertising is generally conducted, read the “Non-Personalized Advertisements” section below

What Are Interest-Based Advertisements?

To better serve you content and improve your overall online experience, online publishers and advertisers use different Usage Technology to collect and share information gathered throughout your online experiences.
These technologies collect information about you to assist in basic online functions and performances, such as keeping you logged into online services and maintaining online preferences. They also assist in serving and presenting you with advertisements based on your interests, as developed and demonstrated through your online experiences and activities (i.e. “interest-based advertisements” or “online-behavioral advertising”). Despite the terminology “interest-based advertisements,” information collected from these technologies is generally not linked to your personal information.
To learn more about interest-based advertisements, please review the Privacy Policies of third-parties delivering the advertisements.

Non-Personalized Advertisements

Below are tools in which you may use to opt-out of interest-based advertisements. The following opt-out tools and the shopkick Marketing and Advertising opt-out does not opt you out from us (or third parties) sharing information that will not identify you (i.e. Non-Personally Identifiable Information). For example, we may share aggregated information in a form that does not disclose your Personal Information, nor be reasonably likely to allow you to be personally identified, for industry analysis, demographic profiling and similar purposes. We share this aggregated information so that merchants or other third parties also understand how interested our users are in their products and services, and so that additional retail or brand partners can see the opportunity in shopkick and may also become partners. We may also share Non-Personally Identifiable Information with our preferred merchants or other third parties to allow them to assist us in delivering tailored advertisements, promotions, sweepstakes, discounts, and other incentives to you when you use the shopkick Program. For example, a merchant may want to offer a discount on its products to a certain audience (for example, men ages 18-34) or audience segment (for example, women ages 25-40 who have viewed certain content). If the Non-Personally Identifiable Information we collected about you meets this description, you are then able to view and use the discount offered by this merchant.

Interest-Based Advertising Opt-Out Tools

Cookie-based opt-outs are not effective on mobile applications. Users may opt out of certain advertisements on mobile applications or reset advertising identifiers via their device settings. To learn how to limit ad tracking or to reset the advertising identifier on your iOS and Android device, click on the following links:

If you want to learn more or opt out receiving interest-based advertisements, you may use the following tools:

TRUSTe Opt-Out Tool
TRUSTe is a data privacy management company that enables businesses to build and maintain privacy compliance through their on-going privacy reviews and assessments.

Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) Consumer Choice Opt-Out
The DAA is an independent, non-profit organization that establishes and enforces cross-industry self-regulatory principles for digital advertising, including online behavioral advertising.

Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) Opt-Out Tool
The NAI is a non-profit organization that promotes business data management through establishing and enforcing self-regulatory principles for data collection and digital advertising.

Tapad Advertising Tracking Opt-Out
Tapad, Inc. is a marketing technology firm that offers cross-device advertisements for companies while adhering to self-regulatory online behavioral principles, such as the DAA.

Google Advertisements Preference Manager

Adobe Global Privacy Storage Settings

Browser Cookie Preferences

Google Advertising Cookie Settings