Disruptors or Delighters?

“If your goal is to delight – and you delight your consumers as much as you can – you end up disrupting those who were not delighting.” – Craig Dubitsky 

In his keynote speech at our inaugural Disruptors Series event in January, Craig Dubitsky, Founder of Hello Products, Co-Founder of eos, early-stage investor in Method and overall industry guru, sparked a fuse that set the energy for the remainder of the day. Throughout the presentations, panels, and break-out discussions that followed, the more than 100 industry experts in attendance contemplated their use of the word “disrupt” while working to incorporate the word “delight.”  

This thought-provoking concept was introduced when Craig put forth the idea that “delight” encapsulates what the best brands were actually doing (or aiming to do) for their consumers in the market, while “disrupt” more aptly describes the effect that such innovative brands have on peer or competitor brands who are continuing with the status quo. So, while disruption could eventually be a part of a brand’s journey, the path to get there should be focused on providing a product that people are delighted by.  


Finding the whitespace.  

Pulling inspiration from his favorite lyricist Leonard Cohen, Craig approaches innovation with the idea that “there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”  

Overall, the bar is low for the average “stuff” people are given in the marketplace and, when delighting is not the goal of the competitors, the bar remains low. In these dormant categories, the products are mundane, thus leaving plenty of room for entrepreneurs, innovators and creators to find the crack: the opportunity to delight consumers with products that are more functional, prettier, more eco-friendly, more affordable, etc. Then, in return, this delighting of people disrupts the category, raising the bar and pushing the entire marketplace forward. Shopkick is a great solve for helping to delight consumers along the entire shopper journey. Either through lookbook quizzes, in-app messages, or in-store scavenger hunts, shoppers can interact with brands in a fun and gamified way – delighting them through those moments. Brands should look to solutions that engage consumers, not just force a transaction to create an emotional connection.  

Throughout his career, Craig has lived by this “delight to disrupt” mentality by finding the whitespace in markets dominated by one way of doing things. In Craig’s world, there are no boring categories, just boring executions. So, whether it’s home cleaning products that feel safe rather than toxic (Method), a lip balm that is fun and easily found (eos), or toothpaste that abandons the clinical-feeling industry standard (Hello Products), he has helped shake up monopolized industries by introducing new items that people can enjoy, trust and even get excited about.   


“Delight to disrupt.” 

The ultimate goal is not to strike out the word “disrupt” from our vocabulary or the conversation completely. Rather, it’s time to recognize that there is a better way to approach the process.  

The most innovative brands do not disrupt people’s lives, they delight them.  

By giving people products that cater to their wants and needs while making their lives easier and better, a brand naturally edges out other brands that are not doing so – changing the market and the industry through heightened consumer expectations.  

The Shopkick app brings delight to both its community and partners alike. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Shopkick provides an immersive and rewarding shopping experience for consumers. Users can earn points, or “kicks,” by simply walking into participating stores, scanning barcodes, and making purchases, which can be redeemed for gift cards or other exciting rewards. At the same time, Shopkick partners benefit from increased foot traffic, enhanced customer engagement, and valuable insights into consumer behavior. Shopkick’s unique approach to bridging the gap between consumers and retailers makes it a win-win for both parties, making it a truly delightful app for everyone involved. 





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Dima Volovik

EVP of Product and Engineering

Dima Volovik is the EVP of Product and Engineering at Trax Retail — Shopkick.

Dima Volovik is the accomplished product and engineering leader who led teams to deliver innovative and commercially successful e-commerce products, marketplaces, and enterprise solutions for Amazon, Comcast, Fandango, and Universal Music. Before joining Trax, Dima was the Director at Amazon, where he led product development and Engineering for Amazon Appstore and Amazon Prime Video, CTO at Fandango, and Paciolan, head of technology at Golf Channel/Golf Now, and Global VP of Direct to Consumer Technology at Universal Music Group. Dima’s expertise includes developing consumer products, marketplaces, and enterprise solutions.

Dima grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he received his MS in Electrical Engineering from Azerbaijan Oil Academy, and he currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his family.