10 Free Summer Boredom Busters

10 free summer activities for the kids

Ahhh, summer. You’ve been waiting for it to roll around since it ended last year. The sun is shining and everyone seems to be in a better mood — but two dreaded words from your kids can switch that mood faster than you can say summer vacation.

“I’m bored.”

What do you do to battle that summer boredom? Since every day can’t be a trip to the zoo, it’s important to find other summer activities that won’t cost you a penny. Sound good? It’s time to get on board the free summer activity train!

Park it at the Park.

Parks are a great place to spend the day with the kids. From swings to slides to sandboxes, you won’t hear “I’m bored” until you get home!

Slides at the Park - 10 Free Summer Activities for the KidsPack a lunch and some snacks and make a day of it. Don’t forget the sunscreen! If you frequent the same park often enough chances are you and your kids will also make new friends. It’s a win-win!

Make a Splash.

Splash pads and local beaches are a great way to keep busy for free. You may hit a speed bump when it comes to parking. But, you can usually side-step any parking fees by parking on side streets and walking a bit. Get your exercise and beach time in all at once.

Sea Shell Art.

While you’re at the beach have the kids pick up some sea shells. They’re free!

Take your kids to the beach - 10 Free Summer Activities for the KidsBring them home and make pictures by gluing them to cardboard, or decorate old picture frames. This is a boredom buster that can linger throughout the summer.

Take a Hike.

Hikes are a great way to get outdoors and exercise during the summer.

Hike with your kids - 10 Free Summer Activities for the Kids

Find a local trail that’s not too difficult for the kids. Bring along plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen and you’re ready to take a hike.

Don’t Pass up Free.

Check your local library for free passes to museums and other attractions. Benefactors sometimes donate free passes that you can borrow throughout the summer. It’s a great way to turn a $100 trip into a free one in just a matter of minutes!

Free Summer Jammin’.

Many local communities hold free concerts throughout the summer.

Parks have Free concerts and music - 10 Free Summer Activities for the KidsDo some digging at your local Department of Parks and Recreation to see what’s planned. Pack a picnic and make it a night of family fun for free!

Visit a Farm.

Kids and animals go together like peas and carrots. Check out local farms in your area.

Feed Farm Animals - 10 Free Summer Activities for the KidsSee what animals are around. Many times you’re allowed to bring along food for feeding.

It’s Library Time.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the learning and reading stop.

Kids activities at the Library - 10 Free Summer Activities for the KidsCheck out your local library for books as well as free events. Many libraries host craft events and free movie viewings. Read a book for free and get involved with activities that are available in your area.

Take the Time to Volunteer.

Got some free time on your hands? Want to teach your kids valuable lessons while keeping them busy? Volunteering is a great way to do this. Summer is the perfect time to take part in beach and park clean-up days. Keep your eyes and ears open for events near you.

Got some free time on your hands? Want to teach your kids valuable lessons while keeping them busy? Volunteering is a great way to do this. Summer is the perfect time to take part in beach and park clean-up days. Keep your eyes and ears open for events near you.

Free Workshops.

Stores like Lowe’s hold free build and grow workshops on Saturdays. These events teach kids the skills to make so many projects. Hammer out boredom during these workshops! Be sure to sign up in advance. While you’re there, earn your kicks with our Shopkick app!

Who said summer fun had to break the bank? There are plenty of free activities for kids that will leave you wondering what took you so long to find them!




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