apps that help you save money

3 apps that help you save money when shopping with friends

One of my favorite activities to do with my girlfriends has always been shopping. I guess it started way back when I was just a little girl when my mom and aunt would take me and my cousins out shopping to our local mall. Then it continued when I went to high school, and a fun Friday night was all about searching for the best new tops at the mall. So many memories! The tradition of shopping with my friends has even followed me into adulthood.

These days, everyone in my circle seems to be living busy lives, and we can’t always find time to catch up over drinks, or brunch, or coffee like we used to. So what do we do? We find ourselves once again going shopping together! Even if it’s just out for groceries or for a quick run to Walmart or Target. We even shop together online. Oh, and like time, another thing that’s more limited these days than it once was is our budget. So, we obviously spend a lot of time trying to save as much money as we can once we hit those aisles, and, believe it or not, we’ve actually found some new technology to be helpful. That’s why today I want to talk about three apps that help you save money when shopping with friends.

3 apps that help you save moneyI’ve always loved shopping with my friends. It’s just so much more fun when you have someone to help you decide if you should purchase that cute top, or even to brag a little bit about the deal you got on shampoo last week. I also, of course, love saving money with helpful apps, I mean, who doesn’t? That’s why combining the two is such a no-brainer for me, and I’m 100 percent sure that you’ll love these apps, too!

Apps That Help You Save Money With Friends

#1: Bestie Shopping

I’m not quite from the generation that calls all of their friends “besties,” but I definitely know what the word means, which is why I want to talk about an app called Bestie Shopping. This app is basically a social media app for shoppers, and with it, you can follow stores you love, view products posted in many different categories, and—this is my favorite part—share your favorite items and deals with your friends.

The best part of Bestie Shopping is that it’s so easy to fit it into your schedule since it’s basically all online based. Like I mentioned above, one of the biggest challenges these days is to find time to actually go out shopping with your friends. Well, with Bestie Shopping you can recreate that old experience of going to the mall with your besties whenever and wherever with your phone. Plus, I don’t know how many times one of my friends has pointed me in the direction of a great deal that helps me save money. This app helps you really save money and that’s a win-win!

#2: SnipSnap

The next entry on our list is an app that I like to use for shopping with my friends when we all have a little bit more time. It’s called SnipSnap, and the way that it works is you take photos of coupons from newspapers, junk mail, or circular ads, and the app converts those coupons into mobile, digital versions that you can redeem when you’re actually in the store with your phone or tablet.

What my friends and I like to do sometimes is set aside a whole afternoon (time permitting, of course), and meet up at one of our houses with all the coupons that we can find, usually also with coffee or wine, depending on the time of day. Then we pass around our coupons and start using SnipSnap to log them in our phones. Sometimes we head out shopping together afterward, but sometimes we also go our separate ways and use them later. It gives you that flexibility, which is also quite nice!

#3: Shopkick

The final app on our list today is also my favorite. It’s called Shopkick, and one of the main reasons that I love it so much is that you can basically use it to shop your way to free gift cards! How it works is pretty easy too. Basically, you just do the normal things you do when you go shopping, things like walking into the store, scanning certain items to get more information about them, and scanning your receipt after making purchases. In exchange, Shopkick gives you points that you can redeem later for free gift cards!

Shopkick is also a ton of fun to use with your friends. It basically turns every trip to the store into a scavenger hunt for points. Me and my ladies love to go out to the store together and share tips on where to find the items to scan that give you the most points. We also like to use Shopkick’s social media channels, where we can jump into threads that are filled with more tips about using the app, as well as a bunch of super fun memes and jokes. I just can’t recommend this one enough!

Those are just a few of the apps that help you save money with friends that I’ve found to be worthwhile. There are, of course, a ton more out there, and I’d encourage you to give some of them a shot! I really hope you’re able to gain the same experiences as I have.

Oh yeah, plus you can start earning gift cards that are just as good as cash. And I don’t know a shopper alive who’s not interested in doing that!

I’d also strongly suggest using Shopkick. It really does turn every trip out to the store these days into fun, whether you end up going with your friends or all on your lonesome. Oh yeah, plus you can start earning gift cards that are just as good as cash. And I don’t know a shopper alive who’s not interested in doing that!

Ready to start taking advantage of the best of these apps that help you save money the next time you’re out shopping with your friends? Just download Shopkick and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered the rewards of shopping with us!

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