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3 easy ways to earn Amazon gift cards for free

I go through phases where my favorite stores change. When I was a semi-poor college student, I did a whole bunch of my shopping at thrift stores. Back when I was going on job interviews, I was a huge Macy’s girl. Then, after my three beautiful boys were born, I spent the majority of my time at Baby Gap.

Now that I’m a super busy—but proud—mother of three, I’m firmly entrenched in Amazon. It’s my fave and, as you may know, I fancy myself somewhat of a budget shopping expert. So, I’m always looking for great ways to save at my favorite stores. That’s why today I want to talk about three easy ways I’ve found to earn Amazon gift cards for free.  

Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Taking Surveys

As you may have heard, there are plenty of smartphone apps that pay you to take surveys. The details vary, but how they work is roughly the same for each: You enter your demographic information and the app starts sending you surveys. The amount you earn typically depends on how long a survey takes and the number of questions. Longer surveys typically pay more.

ways to earn Amazon gift cardsAs it turns out, there are plenty of survey apps that let you earn Amazon gift cards, too. Some of my favorites include PrizeRebel, Survey Junkie, and American Consumer Opinion. Don’t just take my word though, go ahead and play around in your app store! I’m sure you’ll soon find your own favorites, too.

Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Trading In Used Items and Coins

When you have three growing boys like I do, you spend a lot of time at grocery stores, and one of the things you soon notice is the coin machines. I think there’s one in almost every supermarket. Mostly all they do is turn your coins into bills, except in the case of CoinStar. CoinStar will actually turn your change into Amazon gift cards for no additional charge. You may never spend all those loose pennies, but I guarantee you’ll use an Amazon gift card for sure!

Oh, and if you’re not the coin collecting type, you can also trade your used stuff back to Amazon and get free gift cards in return! The Amazon Trade-In program is really cool, and I use it all the time. The items you can trade in for Amazon gift cards vary, although it’s mostly books, video games, Blu-Rays, and electronics.

Earn Amazon Gift Cards With a Fun Shopping App

The final item on our list here today is actually my favorite, and the one I’ve been using the longest. I’m talking about a fun shopping app called Shopkick, and how it works is super simple. With Shopkick, you earn points by shopping online or in person, and you can turn those points into gift cards. You earn points just by walking into featured stores, scanning the barcodes on certain items, making purchases, and watching informational videos online.

I’m even more relaxed knowing that with great shopping apps like Shopkick, I can earn Amazon gift cards to do even more shopping.

Once you’ve racked up enough points you just trade them for gift cards. (Side note: you can also earn gift cards to a number of other stores, too.) And, Shopkick doesn’t just work at the mall. In fact, it’s probably the best app I know of for saving money on groceries. Most importantly, though, Shopkick is a ton of fun! It turns every trip out to the store into a fun scavenger hunt for points, and a fun scavenger hunt that ultimately pays you, too. As I’m sure is obvious at this point, I’m a big fan.

So there you have it, the ways I earn Amazon gift cards for free. As I mentioned at the start, Amazon has become one of my favorite places to shop. I enjoy the convenience of shopping from my phone. Goodbye hectic night trips to the store, hello relaxing!

I’m even more relaxed knowing that with great shopping apps like Shopkick, I can earn Amazon gift cards to do even more shopping. After a while, the savings can really add up!

Ready to take your online shopping game to the next level? Start using Shopkick today to earn Amazon Gift Cards for free. Just download Shopkick and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered the rewards of shopping with us!

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Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!


Earn free gift cards

Download the Shopkick app and start earning points towards free gift cards.

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