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5 Surfaces to Sanitize in Under 10 Minutes

Between spending much more time at home living in our spaces rather than passing by throughout the day to having a desire to be extra vigilant to keep spaces tidy, we have made sure to keep our most visited spaces cleaner than ever before. Although we (and you!) feel like we have sanitized every surface, there are likely a few that might be flying under the radar. The good news is these five areas are quick to clean, and we think you can cross them off of your list in 10 minutes or less. Keep reading below! 

1. Cell Phone & Tablet:

Cleaning your cell phone and tablet might make you feel alarmed, but there are plenty of products that are safe to use on your tech. Look for tech cleaning kits at stores like Walmart, Target, or an office supply location, which often include a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. This article also points out other methods for cleaning your tech, like using hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

2. Counters:

One of the most visited areas in your home is your kitchen, especially as we all make more meals at home. So, make sure to wipe down your kitchen counters regularly. You might even want to wipe them down before and after meals to be extra vigilant! Speaking of counters, don’t forget to wipe down the counters in your bathroom.

3. Door Knobs, Handles, Faucets, & Switch Plates:

We are always closing doors, touching faucets, opening cabinets, and turning lights on and off. As a result, each represents a surface that should be wiped down regularly. A disinfectant wipe will do the trick! 

4. Computer:

Whether you’re working from home or working from an office, our fingers are always touching our computer’s keys. So, wipe them down! Make sure to use a computer friendly product when you do clean off your keyboard. A tech specific cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth will do the trick! This article goes into even more depth about how to properly clean this frequently used item.

5. Remote:

Whether you’re watching cable TV, a movie, or binging shows and movies from a streaming service, you are likely using your remote. Make sure to clean your remote often! Consider using a disinfectant wipe on it either at least once per day.

To make the process less daunting, set a timer and clean as much as you can in a 5-10 minute window. Then repeat later in the day to clean any areas you may have missed.

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Dima Volovik is the EVP of Product and Engineering at Trax Retail — Shopkick.

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