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The best cash back grocery rebate app features

I love, love, love new technology. My boys and I love learning new phones, apps, and other tech together—and I’m pretty good at it compared to some of the other moms I spend time with on the soccer sideline! Recently, my boys and I got such a kick when my old phone died and I had to get myself a new iPhone X. Absolutely had to (wink, wink).

apps for grocery rebatesThe boys, who are far more tech savvy than I ever was at their age, heard about something called animojis from their friends at school. Apparently, you can create and share adorable cartoons that actually copy your voice and facial expressions. It’s so cool; I had no idea my new phone could do that. I’m proud to say I caught on quickly, but it made me wonder what other features my new phone had that I knew absolutely nothing about. Turns out, there were quite a few, like fake phone call apps for when you really need to appear busy and grocery rebate apps, which combine two of my favorite things: shopping and saving.

The best grocery rebate apps basically make me money while I shop. They’ve become as vital to my monthly budget as my smartphone is to keeping in touch with all my old college girlfriends. And, based on the sideline gossip, I’m not the only one who feels this way; all the other moms are talking about which grocery rebate app is best, too. Here’s what I’ve learned from listening in on my fellow soccer mom rave reviews.

The Best Grocery Rebate Apps All Have These Features

Just as certain features have become irreplaceable on our phones—camera, Bluetooth, maps—the best grocery rebate apps also have some features that I can’t live without (as well as some extra ones that make some of these apps even more amazing).  

The best cash back grocery rebate app features are:

  • Cash back and gift cards to stores you love: This is the foundation of any great shopping rebate app, kind of like being able to make phone calls is for your phone (though my boys would say the foundation of any good phone is its internet connection). These apps simply must pay you for shopping; otherwise, they aren’t doing their jobs! Most of the best apps do this by giving you points after you make purchases and take photos of your receipt. You can then redeem those points for cash or gift cards to a variety of stores. Rewards vary from app to app.
  • New product introductions: Another cool feature that some of the best grocery rebate apps have is helping you to learn about new products. This is usually done by paying you for scanning barcodes. Then, once you’ve scanned the barcode, the app gives you points as well as cool info about the price and details of featured products.
  • Game-like feel: One of the things I love most about these apps is that the best of them turn shopping into a game by making it more like a fun scavenger hunt for rewards and points. Now I get excited for each grocery run as I compete with myself to see if I can earn more points than I’ve racked up before.
  • Updates on the latest deals: Some of these apps will also give you alerts or weekly updates about the latest deals, which can help you plan your weekly shopping to maximize the reward points you earn.

The Best Grocery Rebate Apps. Period.

Knowing the features of the best cash back grocery rebate apps is a good place to start, but the natural next step is to learn which of these apps have any or all of these features. Here are a few of my own personal favorites:

  • Checkout 51: This app is one of the simplest. After you’ve gone grocery shopping, you upload your receipt by taking a picture of it and earn credit for eligible purchases. Once you accumulate $20 of credit, you can cash out and Checkout 51 will mail you a check. Simple!
  • SavingStar: SavingStar is a lot like Checkout 51, but it incentivizes healthy eating by giving you the chance to save 20% on your fruits and vegetables every week. I know my boys aren’t happy about this (they’d prefer one that rewards sugary snack foods), but as a health-conscious soccer mama, I love it!
  • Shopkick: Shopkick, though, is my hands down favorite. It simply has the most features. With Shopkick, you can get points for taking pictures of your receipts, just like the other two apps on my list. But, Shopkick has additional features that allow you to earn points, called kicks, for other things you do every time you go to the store as well. How it works is simple: you have your Shopkick app open when you walk into a store, and you earn points. If you scan the barcodes of certain items to learn more about them, you get more points. You take pictures of your receipts after your trip, and, of course, you get more points. These extra features offered by Shopkick are great because they give you extra points, which leads to extra rewards! These features also mean that it’s easy to combine Shopkick with any of the other best grocery rebate apps, so you can use multiple rewards apps to maximize rewards! Now that’s a home run! Or should I say GOOOOAAAALLL!

Another thing I really like about Shopkick is that it has an amazingly engaged social media community. In the early days when I first started using it, I was able to go on Shopkick’s Facebook page and get all the help I needed with my questions—plus some bonus tips on non-shopping related mom stuff and a steady stream of absolutely hilarious jokes. You might say the best feature of all was the online friends I made. Shopkick truly kicks it out of the park!

Ready to explore one of the best grocery rebate apps—and have fun doing it? Download Shopkick for free and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered how rewarding it is to shop with us.

And, if you love social media as much as you love stretching your budget, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for daily shopping inspiration.

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