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Free apps to earn money for Amazon gift cards while you shop

For as much as I like to shop, there used to be some things that I could never remember to buy on time: shampoo, the Clif Bars my husband and I depend on for quick snacks, or those little pods for our dishwasher. It seemed like I was never remembering to buy any of them until the exact moment I ran out. But that all changed when I discovered monthly subscriptions from Amazon. Now, Amazon automatically sends me certain products I have to buy every month, right to my door.

I’ve been using Amazon subscriptions for at least a year and a half now, and in that time I’ve actually gotten better at using it. Weird to say about an automated service, right? But these days, I’ve started getting rewarded—and paid—for my shopping.

When I first signed up, Amazon would just charge my credit card for my subscription items. But now, I’ve discovered free apps to earn money for Amazon gift cards. I can use these apps to earn points while I shop at my favorite stores like Target, Walmart, and Walgreens—points I can later cash in for Amazon gift cards to use toward my monthly subscriptions. In fact, I’ve gotten my system down so well that it’s been months now since Amazon had to charge them to my credit card.

Now, I don’t have to actively buy things like paper towels, hand soap, or laundry detergent—and I don’t have to pay for them either! What a beautiful concept. Here are my personal rankings for apps that help you earn Amazon gift cards—for free!

Good Apps to Earn Money for Amazon

Amazon’s subscription system is just one small way that shopping has gotten better in recent years. New technology has made shopping both more efficient and more fun! I don’t know about you, but for me, the combination of phones with high-quality cameras and the rise of Instagram has made it a blast to take pictures.

In those pictures, of course, are so many of the things my ladies and I buy when we’re out shopping: jeans, handbags, sunglasses, cute shoes, etc. Would you believe me if I said I recently found an app that made Instagram officially a member of my shopping crew? If it seems too fun to be true, pay attention because I’m about to blow you away:

  • CoSign: With CoSign, whenever you upload an image to any social networking site (Facebook, Instagram, you name it), you can tag certain items that you and your friends are wearing, and include the price, brand, and other product info. Then, if any of your followers go online to actually buy select items in those pictures, you earn a 35% commission on the product’s price! And, it’s not just fashion. You can use this app to take photos of other featured items: furniture, books, food, and even movies! Once you rack up $40 in savings, you can then cash it out for what? Ding, ding, ding! Amazon gift cards to keep your subscription service running smoothly!
  • Other apps that fit this category:
    • Stylinity
    • Iconzoomer

Better Apps to Earn Money for Amazon

When I was growing up, one of my best friends worked at our local grocery store. She told me a story about something called a mystery shopper, who was actually someone the manager sent in to pose as a customer and then write a review of the service they received. It was a way to keep employees, like my friend, on their toes.

Well, technology has changed the way that mystery shoppers work too. With free apps on your phone, you can become a mystery shopper. These apps will assign you to go out and investigate a store’s service, then report back to the app. It’s a really cool system, especially if you happen to be heading out to that exact store in the first place because then you can make money for what you buy anyway!

  • Mobee: In terms of mystery shopper apps, my all time favorite of the bunch is Mobee. Mobee works exactly as I just described above, but it’s my favorite because you can get rewarded for your mystery shopper reports within 24 hours, redeeming the points you earn for gift cards or tickets to events. I, of course, always go with the Amazon gift cards so I don’t even have to think about paying for my monthly subscription service items anymore.
  • Other apps that fit this category:
    • Gigwalk
    • Zapiddy

The Best Apps to Earn Money for Amazon

This final app, in a class of its own, is Shopkick. You know what they say: save the best for last!

What I love about this app is that it rewards me for every part of my shopping experience. How Shopkick works is that you earn points, called kicks, for every aspect of your shopping routine: walking into the store, scanning the barcodes of certain products to get more info, and, of course, making purchases. Then, when you save enough of these points up, you can trade them in for Amazon gift cards! It has all the efficiency of the mystery shopper apps, plus all the fun of the photo apps, but also turns every trip to the store into a game that feels like a scavenger hunt. I even use it to get paid for shopping for groceries.

I mean, the Amazon subscription model has made my life so breezy, at least when it comes to keeping the house stocked

It really makes me wonder what kind of shopping tech is just around the corner that will make our lives even easier. I mean, the Amazon subscription model has made my life so breezy, at least when it comes to keeping the house stocked. And Shopkick has made all my other shopping trips so much more fun! It’s a win-win combo kick from shopping buddy, Shopkick.

Ready to start using free apps to earn money for Amazon gift cards while you shop? Download Shopkick for free and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered how rewarding it is to shop with us!

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