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How to earn free movie tickets for your entire crew

I don’t know about you, but my kids just can’t get enough of Marvel and Star Wars movies. Some days it seems like my kids are all about Captain America one minute and Kylo Ren the next. I shouldn’t complain too hard, though, because I know exactly whose fault this is—mine. I used to love superheroes and sci-fi growing up, and I couldn’t wait to share it with my kids when they got old enough.

The only hangup though is that nowadays spoilers are always a concern. Nobody wants to find out a major plot twist before actually seeing a movie. So, my kids are always insistent that we see the movies on the day they come out, and hey, if I’m being honest, I’m afraid of spoilers, too. You never know when someone’s going to drop one on Twitter! Problem is that all those first-run movie tickets get pretty expensive for the entire family. That’s why I’ve recently put my tech-savviness to the test and searched for apps and other ways to earn free movie tickets.

And you know what I’ve found? There are actually plenty of ways to do that out there! These ways are actually pretty diverse, but I’ve found a few good ones that work for me, and, as much as I’ve always loved Iron Man, there’s just something special about watching him on the big screen with the kids at a showing you got to attend with free movie tickets.

Earn Free Movie Tickets Through Theater Rewards Clubs

In doing my research online on ways to earn free movie tickets, I found that one way was through joining a theater rewards club offered by the company that runs the multiplex in your town, AMC, Cinemark, or Regal, for example. Luckily for me and my little crew of Marvel fanatics, we have one of those programs where we live that gives you discounted popcorn on Tuesdays, free tickets on your birthday, and points that let you earn free movie tickets the more you go.

ways to earn free movie tickets

So yeah, there’s really no reason not to sign up for this one. You typically just have to provide a valid email address and put up with the occasional advertisement email, which sometimes actually includes a great deal such as two-for-one tickets. You can search for your local theater online to find out if they offer this, or keep an eye out for more info next time you head out to a show.

Earn Free Movie Tickets Through Advanced Screenings

This second option is maybe not as reliable as the first one, but it can sometimes be a lot more fun. It involves being on the hunt for free advanced screenings. Theaters often do these to gauge audience reactions to films or to start generating positive word of mouth. Now, for someone like me who’s trying to take the entire crew of kids to the show, it’s tough to find one that has the number of tickets I need.

What makes it just a little bit easier though is that there are actually several reputable websites that have information about tracking down free advanced shows. Some of the sites I’ve found include Sony Screening, Gofobo, and Wild About Movies. I must say though, that they’re almost always limited to major metropolitan areas, but once in a while, they have an offer in a smaller town. Just make sure you check the sites regularly.

Earn Free Movie Tickets Through an App

The best way I found to earn free movie tickets though is with an app called Shopkick. Shopkick is what’s known as a third-party shopping app, and how it works is that it gives you points for the normal things you do while you’re out shopping. When I’m using Shopkick, I get points for stuff like making purchases, scanning the barcodes on certain items for more info, and even for just walking into the store.

Then, I can trade those points in and get paid in gift cards, including gift cards to my local theater. It’s really cool, and I’ve actually started to like shopping more because of it. Before, I used to look at shopping as a serious hassle, something I just had to do and get over with. Now, it’s a lot more like a fun scavenger hunt for points, points that I can use to earn free movie tickets for me and my crew. Basically, these days I’m turning my old annoying grocery shopping trips into superhero movies!

Put them all together, and you basically have your own Avengers team of superheroic value techniques helping you reduce the amount of money you spend on movies.

One thing I should mention before we wrap up here today is that you can actually use all three of these techniques to maximize your productivity as you earn free movie tickets. You can and should use your movie rewards program every time you go watch a film, just like you can and should use Shopkick each time you go to the store. One of the keys to making this work is consistency, sticking with these apps and using them all the time.

Put them all together, and you basically have your own Avengers team of superheroic value techniques helping you reduce the amount of money you spend on movies. At least that’s the way I look at it. But as I said, I grew up with superheroes and Star Wars and all that, so forgive me for being kind of a nerd!

Ready to start having fun with your shopping while at the same time earning free movie tickets for your entire crew? Download Shopkick for free and join a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered how rewarding—and fun—shopping can be!

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