How to earn rewards on your everyday purchases

My friends and family have always said that “kids are magical.” I think I have to agree. I mean, my three boys have this trick where they can make anything I buy disappear in what feels like the blink of an eye. Shampoo? Gone before I know it, usually because they love to make bubbles in the bath. Cereal for breakfast? Oh, I better say goodbye to that the minute it comes in the door. Even toothpaste has a way of ending up empty, and, much to my dismay, all over the sink.

Replacing all those “magically” disappearing items around the house can really add up—I don’t think my budget is a big fan of magic. Fortunately for me and my budget, I’ve recently found great ways to earn rewards on everyday purchases, the kind of purchases my kids are so great at making disappear. These methods have really made a difference, helping me find new ways to turn my own shopping into magic with great savings through gift cards and other rewards.

Now, I know magicians are not supposed to share their tricks, but I just can’t help myself here. Today I’d like to teach you all how to earn rewards on your own everyday purchases, so you and your budget can start benefiting just as much as I have. 

Trick #1: Consider Ditching Old-Fashioned Couponing

There are a few different ways to earn rewards on everyday purchases in order to lessen the blow on your budget when you have to constantly replenish. You can always clip coupons, but, quite honestly, who really wants to deal with that kind of hassle? Literally clipping out and organizing coupons is time-consuming, and when you’re as busy as I am with three growing boys, the stacks of mailers and newspaper inserts tend to pile up, reminding me every time I happen to glance at them that I don’t have the time.

learn how to earn rewards on everyday purchasesThat’s why I prefer using shopping rewards apps. These are apps that do exactly what we’re here to talk about today—they give you rewards for your everyday purchases. There are a few to pick from—and I’ll go into specifics about my favorites in a moment—but for the most part, these are apps that make grocery shopping easier, as well as most of the other shopping you have to do on a regular basis. You simply download them, get a feel for how they work, and watch the savings start to roll in…like magic! 

Trick #2: Combine Loyalty Programs with Rewards 

I think the most important thing for newbie shopping rewards app users to understand is that there are two distinct types of shopping rewards apps to choose from:

  • Branded rewards apps: These are essentially the new evolution of stores having shopper loyalty programs. They are apps created and maintained by specific stores—think Target, Ulta, Starbucks—that you can only use at those stores. They have specific deals and perks designed to reward loyal shoppers. They’re really quite helpful, although maybe not as helpful as what we’re about to talk about next.
  • Shopping rewards apps: These are apps that you can use at many different stores as well as online to earn rewards on your everyday purchases. They’re very versatile, and depending on how you use them, they can act as both grocery shopping rewards apps, as well as apps that rake in points for shopping online and at the mall. When you have to shop as much as I do, that kind of versatility is crucial.

Another really helpful thing to remember here, at least for me, is that you can use these two types of apps in tandem. So, let’s say you’re grocery shopping on a budget—like I am most months—you can use Target’s branded app to learn about exclusive deals for users of that app, while also using a shopping rewards app that gives you points for making purchases at Target. Cool, right?

Trick #3: Earn Rewards on Everyday Purchases with Shopkick

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering what these shopping rewards apps are all about because I’ve made them sound a bit like magic. Let me explain by telling you about my favorite of the bunch. It’s called Shopkick, and what it does is basically turn every trip to the store into a scavenger hunt for points, which the app calls kicks. Essentially, you go about your usual shopping and get your kicks by doing things like walking into stores, scanning the barcodes on items, and making purchases at checkout.

Shopkick is easy to use, too! I highly recommend you try it out!

These kicks are the rewards for your everyday purchases, which you can trade in later for gift cards to many of your favorite stores. I also really like this app because it almost always has bundles of special offers that help me stretch my budget even further. These bundles give me extra kicks for buying certain items, and I absolutely love feeling like I’m earning more points than I would have otherwise. Shopkick is easy to use, too! I highly recommend you try it out!

So, there you have it. These are my favorite tricks to earn rewards on everyday purchases. Thankfully, the days of coupon clipping are over and have been replaced by apps that are easy to use on your smartphone. Honestly, you won’t miss cutting out paper coupons at all. I know I don’t.

I’m far too happy with all the money I’ve been saving through my shopping rewards apps. I used to shake my head and marvel a bit at how fast my boys went through items like cereal and shampoo. I still do now, but I don’t worry about my budget nearly as much. And that’s a wonderful thing!

It’s time to get your kicks! Shopkick makes shopping a rewarding experience and allows you to earn rewards on your everyday purchases. Download the app today and start taking advantage of our bundles and other features to earn your kicks instantly! 

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Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!

How to earn rewards on your everyday purchases



Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!

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