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How to earn Walmart rewards with shopping apps

I’ve learned a lot over my years as a shopper. I’ve learned not to beat myself up for missing a sale: there’s always another one on the horizon. I’ve learned to share my shopping tips with friends because they’re likely to return the favor. And, I’ve learned that while some savings are good, more savings are better. Or, more precisely, I’ve learned how to use two different apps to double my rewards and savings. Cha-ching!

earn Walmart rewardsI’m talking about pairing store-specific apps, like Walmart’s Savings Catcher app, with shopping apps that work at many stores to collect even more Walmart rewards. Shopping apps, for those who don’t already know, are apps that give you rewards and points for things you already do while shopping, like walking into certain stores or scanning the barcodes on featured items. You can then trade these points in for cash back or for gift cards at your favorite stores.

Much like how I share shopping tips with friends and assume the good karma will come back my way eventually, I want to share how I earn Walmart rewards with shopping apps with you all as well.

Earn Walmart Rewards with the Savings Catcher App

To really maximize your Walmart rewards, it’s important to make sure you’re using the Walmart Savings Catcher app regularly. Savings Catcher rewards you by cross-referencing your Walmart purchases with the advertised prices of the same item at other local retailers. Then, if any of those other stores have a lower price, Walmart delivers the difference back to you. It’s a great app because it gives you peace of mind that you got the best deal.

It’s also super easy to use. Here’s how it works:

  • Scan your store receipt after you go shopping at Walmart: This is as easy as it sounds. Once you finish shopping, take out your phone, open the app, and scan your receipt.
  • Let Walmart compare the prices: You don’t actually have to do anything; Walmart will compare what you paid to the advertised prices at all local competitors.
  • Enjoy your savings: If Walmart finds the same product someplace else for a lower advertised price, it will deliver the difference back to you in the form of a gift card.

To me, it’s really this simplicity that makes the Walmart Savings Catcher one of the best apps around for making cash to bolster your budget. But to really push your savings, you should combine it with a third-party shopping app.

How to Add More Walmart Rewards with a Shopping App

When I first discovered shopping rewards apps, I didn’t realize you can use them to double dip on the rewards and discounts you get with apps like Savings Catcher. Boy am I glad I figured that out. Simply by combining my favorite shopping rewards app, Shopkick, with apps like Savings Catcher I’ve saved a lot of money!

How Shopkick works is that it gives you points just for walking into a Walmart (and other stores), for scanning barcodes on certain products, and for scanning your receipt—which you’re going to be doing anyway at Walmart. While the Savings Catcher app is busy making sure you got the lowest price on everything, Shopkick is giving you rewards points you can later turn into gift cards to buy more of the things you love, at places like Walmart!

Put simply, the Walmart Savings Catcher app and its competitors are great, but they’re all even better when combined with Shopkick!

One important thing to note, though, is that Shopkick isn’t limited to Walmart. You can combine with apps from stores like Whole Foods and Target, too. Put simply, the Walmart Savings Catcher app and its competitors are great, but they’re all even better when combined with Shopkick!

I hope this all helps you rake in the Walmart rewards. If I had one last piece of advice, though, it would be not to limit yourself to Walmart. Open up that Shopkick app wherever you go. You never know what secret scans and special deals are hiding in the aisles! Plus, now that you can pair store apps with Shopkick it has never been easier to get more for less.

Learn how you can earn even more Walmart rewards by combining the Savings Catcher app with a great third party shopping app. Download Shopkick now and get ready to be wowed. Welcome to the fun, Shopkicker!

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