how to get walmart gift cards for free

How to get Walmart gift cards for free: Tips for clever shoppers

I don’t tend to think of myself as a good shopper. Now, I don’t necessarily think of myself as a bad shopper, either. I just don’t think of shopping in those terms at all. To me, shopping has always been something that I enjoy doing, and, even more than that, something I enjoy being good at, which I often measure by my ability to find deals and save money. However, recently, I was telling a friend of mine at spin class about some of the tips I have for getting the best prices and she remarked that I sound like a clever shopper.

I’ve never thought of myself this way, but I have to admit that it felt like a bit of a compliment. That’s why today I want to share with you one of the big pieces of advice that earned me this respect: how to get Walmart gift cards for free. I don’t know about you, but when I shop at Walmart I’m almost always there in search of the absolute best savings. I think this is why some of my most frequently used tips for so-called clever shoppers have to do with shopping at Walmart.

tips for how to get walmart gift cards for free

Either way, I think there is quite a bit of useful information I’ve accrued over the years while searching for these tips and it’s my pleasure to share them with you. Who knows? Maybe you will eventually find yourself using these tips after a particularly intense spin class and having a friend call you a clever shopper.

How to Get Walmart Gift Cards for Free Tip #1: Take Surveys

Let’s start with one of the simplest ways to get Walmart gift cards for free: taking surveys. We’ve talked about this before, but there is a boatload of apps that give you rewards for taking free surveys, and while there are some slight differences, the vast majority of them tend to work the same.

You just download these apps (Ipsos is a good one) and then you enter a bit of information about yourself. Based on that, it sends you surveys and you’re rewarded for completing them with gift cards, oftentimes to Walmart. The real beauty of these apps is that you can do these surveys from your mobile device. I personally like to do them to kill time.

How to Get Walmart Gift Cards for Free Tip #2: Savings Catcher

Another great way to get Walmart gift cards for free is by using the store’s own Savings Catcher app. What the Savings Catcher rewards app does is cross-references the purchases you make at Walmart with the advertised prices for those same items at other retailers in your area. If the app manages to find any other stores that happen to be offering a lower price than what you paid, Walmart delivers the difference back to you.

This is great for a couple of reasons. The first is that it saves you money and funnels those savings back to you via a Walmart gift card. The second is that you can go home and rest easy, knowing that you were able to find the absolute best deal. Believe me, as much as I enjoy shopping, I enjoy knowing that I did the best I could even more!

How to Get Walmart Gift Cards for Free Tip #3: Shopkick

The third tip to get Walmart gift cards for free just so happens to also be my favorite. It’s through a shopping rewards app called Shopkick. How it works is that Shopkick gives you rewards points for activities you do each time you go to the store, activities such as scanning the barcodes on certain products to learn more about them, making purchases, and even just for walking through the doors of featured stores.

And if you don’t feel like going anywhere, there are also tons of ways to earn kicks right from the app. These include kicks for watching videos and instant surprise kicks from going on Easter egg hunts in the app. Users can also get amazing deals where you can earn big points and rewards by shopping on your phone.

Once you save up enough of these points, you can trade them in for free Walmart gift cards, which is really a beautiful thing.

Once you save up enough of these points, you can trade them in for free Walmart gift cards, which is really a beautiful thing. Put simply, Shopkick really is the best savings app for Walmart, and it’s definitely the one that I use the most. I guess my friend would probably call it a clever trick for shopping, but I just think of it as a way to save even more money when I got to Walmart to buy my groceries. How you think of it is entirely up to you!

If you decide to go with any of these, I highly recommend that you choose Shopkick. In addition to helping you earn free Walmart gift cards, Shopkick is also a ton of fun to use. It turns every trip to Walmart into a fun scavenger hunt to get as many points as you can while you’re there. It’s fun like that that keeps you coming back to use Shopkick at Walmart again and again, at least in my experience!

Learn how to get Walmart gift cards for free by using this fantastic app called Shopkick. Download Shopkick now and get ready to be wowed. Welcome to the fun, Shopkicker!

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