how to spend less money as a student

Learn how to spend less money as a student in college with shopping apps

I always hear people talk about how college is a learning experience that extends well beyond the lecture halls and libraries. Well, I can definitely attest to that! Since I’ve been in college, I’ve learned so much—how to manage my time, how to be more responsible, and my most recent lesson: how to spend less money as a student. 

You see, for the first time in my life, I’m completely responsible for my everyday essentials. And while I do love those random care packages from my mom filled with my favorite goodies, I know that I can’t expect them forever. I know that, eventually, I’ll have to learn to survive on a super tight budget like a real adult. 

So, here’s my advice if you want to learn how to spend less money as a student. And, the best part, you can do it right from your phone! 

How to Spend Less Money as a Student in College

There are so many ways to spend less money as a student in college. You could spend more time at the library, volunteer for community service when you would otherwise be going out spending money, and learn to love instant ramen noodles. I’ve tried all of these but I would still find myself going over budget when I went to the store. Thankfully, I discovered a way to spend less by downloading a shopping rewards app

Choose a Shopping Rewards App

While there are many types of apps that reward you for shopping, the best type can be used, without hassle, at a variety of stores. It should also make shopping easier and enjoyable; that way, you can incorporate it into your routine trips. You don’t want to dread having to use the app like you would a Chemistry 101 exam during the first month of the semester. So, if you make sure the shopping app you select is actually fun, you’ll always be sure to use it when you go out shopping for anything, from food to things for your dorm room like storage crates, desk lights, and rugs.

Use the Shopping Rewards App Frequently

how to spend less money as a studentWhen exploring the available options of shopping rewards app out there, I found Shopkick to work the best for me. How it works is simple. Once you download Shopkick, you have access to many of the most popular sites for shopping for the necessities—groceries, clothing, electronics, and more. You can shop directly through the app or visit participating stores to make purchases. The more you use Shopkick to do things like watch promotional videos, visit websites and physical stores, locate products in the store, and make purchases, the more rewards points you earn which are called “kicks.” You can also earn kicks for making purchases online through the app or with a Visa or MasterCard linked to your Shopkick account.     

Redeem Rewards from Frequent Use

Once you’ve earned enough kicks, you can trade those kicks in for gift cards to many of your favorite stores. Now, here comes to the best part: you can turn around and use those gifts to purchase the items you need in college—spending less money! 

Use Shopkick to Spend Less Money as a Student

What I like most about Shopkick, though, is that it’s a blast to use. Basically, Shopkick turns every trip to the store into a fun scavenger hunt for kicks. Shopping can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you have a million assignments due for a class, but with Shopkick, you’ll find yourself actually looking forward to going shopping. On top of that, you can use Shopkick for both your online and in-person shopping, which is especially convenient for those busy weeks when you don’t have time to make it to the store. Shopkick has definitely made it so much easier to spend less money as a student in college.

What I like most about Shopkick, though, is that it’s a blast to use.

So, there you have it, a brief cram session about how to spend less money as a student in college. I know you might not remember everything we discussed here today. But, if you remember one thing, I hope you remember to use Shopkick. In my opinion, there’s no better choice for earning rewards to spend less money when you go out shopping. 

It’s time to pass your test and learn to spend less money as a student in college! Shopkick makes shopping a rewarding experience! Download the app today and start earning your kicks today! 

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