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How To Save Money Back To School Shopping

In a few weeks, summer vacation will be coming to a close, ushering in the fresh start of the year that every mom knows too well: Back To School season. While this can be an exciting time for you and your child, it can also lead to certain stresses, including the dreaded expense of it all. The school supplies shopping list seems to get longer and more specific each year, and that’s all before you factor in clothes, lunch supplies and bulk items for your child’s classroom. Coming in as a new mom to the grade school system (my boy is starting Kindergarten this year), I plan on cutting all the stress and hassle out of the back to school shopping experience by using these methods to save money while having fun.

1. Check Out Sales

The easiest way to begin shopping for Back To School is by first searching for and identifying the biggest back to school deals from retailers. These sales are particularly great when you are looking for school supplies, backpacks and clothing. Some of the best online retailers to check out this season are,, etc.

For the majority of my school supplies products such as crayons, pencils, markers, etc., I relied on rollback prices from For backpacks and clothing, I shopped deals. I saved a generous amount considering most of their products are on sale.

2. Buy in Bulk

I’ve personally found that one of the biggest ongoing costs of the school year has always been lunch foods and snacks. After going over my budget in the past, I plan on staying on top of my expenses by purchasing lunch supplies and snacks in bulk. My favorite retailers to buy in bulk are Jet and Boxed. Purchasing Ziplocs, chips, Tupperware, drinks and other snack foods in bulk will save a generous amount in the long run.

Another reason I love to buy in bulk is to help provide supplies for my son’s teacher. Teachers often have to pay for all classroom decorations, paper supplies, and cleaning supplies for the whole year! To really show my appreciation, I love to buy a few bulk items to donate to the classroom such as paper towels, paper plates, cleaning supplies, and even some fresh-smelling scents to make the classroom more relaxing. I generally use Boxed for all my bulk items, and it’s great because you can get 2-day shipping.

3. Earn Money Back Through Shopping Apps

The last way I love to save money for back to school shopping is by actually getting money back for my purchases. There are different mobile apps that allow you to scan your receipts to earn gift cards. My favorite shopping app to use is Shopkick because not only do I get points (called kicks) for scanning receipts, I can also get points for just walking into stores, scanning items, and purchasing through online retailers. I generally make my purchases through Walmart, eBay, and Kohl’s. My kicks accumulate while I shop, so I can redeem my points for a Starbucks gift card to refuel after all that shopping!

Back to School shopping doesn’t have to be hard on your bank account. It’s meant to be fun, especially because you’re able to bond with your kids while preparing them to step back into the classroom for another great year of learning. Take the stress out of shopping while saving money by shopping sales, buying in bulk, and using shopping apps to get money back. These money-saving hacks have helped me tremendously as I get ready for my son to start Kindergarten this year. Now, it’s time to relax and soak up these final days of summer vacation and anticipate the exciting school year ahead! I know with just a little prep, he and I will be ready to take on his first day of school together. And, by using these money-saving shopping tips for your children’s school year, you will be too.

Happy shopkicking!

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