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This rewards app for students is perfect when shopping for the essentials

As I’m sure you know or remember, it can be really hard to maintain a budget for all the things you need when you’re in college. Classes take up a ton of time—as they should—but the truth is, there’s not always enough hours in the day to fit in a part-time job when you also need to study. And let’s be honest, the whole “education is your job” thing, doesn’t quite cut it when there are so many things you need like food, clothes, and supplies for class. Thankfully, I’ve found a way to save money on all the essentials by using a rewards app for students. 

One thing I’ve learned in college is that things are better when you do them together—from projects to study groups—and so today I want to share what I’ve learned about rewards app for students so that we can earn and save together!

What Is a Rewards App for Students?

The Concept

the best rewards app for studentsA rewards app for students is a pretty simple concept. Students can use a particular app when shopping for their essentials, whether it’s for groceries, clothes, electronics, or school supplies. This app will give you rewards for shopping. That’s right! With a rewards app, you can earn perks for the shopping you already do. 

How It Works

So, the next natural question is how would a rewards app for students actually work? First, you want to find an app that rewards you for the things you already do so that you aren’t worried about trying to fit it into your busy schedule. Once you find it, download it to your smartphone and start earning!

One thing to consider, you’ll want to make sure the app you choose works both online and in-store. While it’s convenient to order things you need online, you might find yourself popping into a store and you want to still be able to earn rewards. 

Which App Is the Best?

There are a few different rewards apps for students to pick from, but my favorite is Shopkick. Shopkick works just as I described above. You go shopping—either online or in a physical store—and you get points for doing all the things you do when you’re out shopping already such as walking into stores, scanning barcodes, and making purchases. Shopkick turns an ordinary trip to the stores into a fun scavenger hunt for rewards points or “kicks” as they’re called in the app. You can trade in your kicks for gift cards to stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, and a ton of other places that sell essentials for college students. 

If you’re a college student like me, struggling to manage enough time and money for the essentials, I highly recommend you give Shopkick a try. It rewards you for making everyday purchases and it doesn’t require you to take a substantial amount of time out of your already busy schedule. It’s also great for anyone looking for a side hustle; you earn points towards gift cards that are just as good as cash for the shopping you already do!

Try the best rewards app for students! Shopkick makes shopping for school supplies and whatever else you need a rewarding experience. Download the app today and start earning kicks! 

Image courtesy of Jacob Lund

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Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!


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