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Where the best deals on electronics are hiding on your smartphone

I have a confession to make: even though I’m a fully-grown, adult man, I have become just a little bit obsessed with playing Pokemon Go on my phone. Hey, what can I say? I don’t even have any excuses besides that you gotta catch ‘em all. Real Pokemon players will know exactly what I’m talking about with that one. Anyway, the thing I love about this game is that it pushes you to go out and use the Pokemon Go app to hunt for new Pokemon in all kinds of different places, from a park to inside the aisles at a grocery store. 

I’ve played it so much, in fact, that the other day I started thinking about how great it would be if there was an app out there that paid me to do this kind of scavenger hunting in other ways. When I thought about it for a minute, I realized that there actually is an app that does that.

Today I’m going to go over the type of app I’m talking about, how you can use it to get paid for playing a fun scavenger hunt that’s pretty similar to that Pokemon game, and then how you can use your points from that game to find the best deals on electronics, that are hiding on your smartphone like a rare pokemon! Oh, and I’ll close by suggesting a specific shopping app that I think all electronics aficionados like myself must have on their smartphones.

Use Third-Party Shopping Apps to Earn the Best Deals on Electronics

The first step to finding out where the best deals on electronics are hiding on your smartphone is to learn what a third-party shopping app is and how it works. It’s actually a pretty simple concept. Third-party shopping apps give you rewards for shopping, or they help you save money on your purchases. There are actually two main types of third-party shopping apps that you should know about, which if you’re a Pokemon player like me isn’t that many at all, not compared to all the different Pokemon that are out there.

Anyway, the first type of third-party shopping app is called a coupon app, and how it works is actually super similar to old-school coupon clipping. Depending on the app, you can either sign up and select from a list of coupons that you apply to your purchases retroactively, or you can even use it to scan paper coupons and then show them to the cashier at the store in a much cleaner and more organized way. The other type of third-party shopping app (which I prefer) is a rewards app that gives you points for the things you do while you’re out shopping already, but we’ll go into more detail about that below. First, I want to talk about how these apps can turn shopping into a game where your prize is the best deals on electronics.

Use Third-Party Shopping Apps to Turn Your Hunt for Electronics Into a Game

get the best deals on electronicsWith the Pokemon Go app, even just taking a simple walk in the park feels like a fun scavenger hunt. Well, that’s how the best shopping apps work, too. You go out to the store, and you find yourself hunting for points, points you can later trade in to make sure that you get the absolute best deals on electronics.

It’s really cool. I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve always been kind of shopping adverse. Not with these new shopping apps, though. Now, I actually look forward to my trips out to the store, even if I’m just going shopping for groceries. It’s all because of the cool incentive system. Hey, I’m a gamer. Give me a chance to earn points and I’ll jump at it every single time!

The Best Third-Party Shopping App to Find the Best Deals on Electronics

The last thing I want to do here today is give you a recommendation for a specific third-party shopping app that you can use both to turn your shopping trips into a fun game and to find points that you can trade for gift cards, which you can then use to find the best deals on electronics that are hiding on your smartphone. My favorite is this app called Shopkick, which basically works just like the scenario I described above. The app gives you points for a few different things that you do when you go shopping, things like walking into stores, going down aisles browsing products, and making purchases.

Unlike Pokemon Go, to play this game you don’t always have to get up and go somewhere. There are tons of ways that Shopkickers can earn rewards right from the app—no need to go anywhere at all. These ways include kicks for watching videos as well as instant surprise kicks for going on Easter egg hunts right on your smartphone inside of the app. Users can also get amazing deals where you can earn big points and rewards by shopping on your phone at stores like Amazon, Walmart, and more!

The first step to finding out where the best deals on electronics are hiding on your smartphone is to learn what a third-party shopping app is and how it works.

I suspect that one day I’ll get a little bit tired of hunting Pokemon. I mean, my entire life there’s always been a really cool new video game that comes along and makes the older games feel obsolete. That’s just how it goes, and I’m okay with it. I’m having fun playing Pokemon now while I still can.

However, I don’t think I’ll ever stop using Shopkick. I mean, it’s an app that both feels like a game and helps me get gift cards that I can use on electronics! It’s so good that I can no longer envision shopping without it, and that’s a very good thing.

Ready to start having fun with your shopping while at the same time finding the absolute best deals on electronics? Download Shopkick for free today and get yourself hooked up with a community of loyal Shopkickers who’ve already discovered how rewarding—and fun—shopping can be!

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