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Bomb Pop

Bomb Pop partnered with Shopkick to reach new audiences, boost awareness, and drive sales around the 4th of July

Campaign Goals

Popular frozen treat brand, Bomb Pop, was looking to reach shoppers in a 4th of July shopping mindset and boost sales of its festive products around the busy summer holiday.

Bomb Pop wanted to engage shoppers at home by building brand awareness and inspiring users to add Bomb Pop products to their shopping lists.

In store, the brand was looking to drive purchase conversion and incremental sales without the use of margin busting coupons.

Shopkick Solution

Executed by integrated marketing agency Blue Chip, Bomb Pop used Shopkick to drive awareness and sales among a large incremental audience and to engage users at every touchpoint of their shopping trip – at home, in-aisle, and through checkout.

Shopkick first helped Bomb Pop reach users at home with branded in-app content to build intent to shop. Upon arrival to the store, shoppers were greeted and rewarded with a message from Bomb Pop, keeping the brand top of mind. Then, using kick rewards, Shopkick incentivized shoppers to seek out, scan, and purchase Bomb Pop products.


The 2 month campaign received over 23 million impressions and was largely successful in driving incremental sales. According to a post-scan survey:

  • 44% of shoppers first became aware of Bomb Pop via Shopkick
  • 68% of purchasers were not planning to purchase Bomb Pop products before their visit to the store


Lookbook completion rate


Of purchasers weren't planning to purchase before visiting the store 


Of shoppers first became aware of Bomb Pop via Shopkick



Build brand awareness
Drive trial and consideration
Boost incremental sales




Branded Lookbook, Promo Units, Big Scans, Dynamic Kicks, Purchase Validation, Cross-Promotion Purchase Validation, Own The Trip, Consumer Research study