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Shopkick for Brands

The only omnichannel solution that increases brand engagement and drives sales without eroding margins

Boost Brand Engagement All Along the Shopper Journey

Shopkick enables brands to drive incremental product engagement and purchase through the use of rewards, not discounts.

Shopkick is an omnichannel solution that enables brands to reach a highly engaged audience in a shopping mindset all along the path to purchase. Consumers earn reward points called “kicks” for behaviors, such as watching a video, browsing branded content in-app, walking into a store, scanning a product at shelf, and making purchases - either in-store or on their phones. This unique approach to omnichannel brand engagement keeps your product top of mind throughout the full-funnel purchase journey.

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Drive brand engagement and awareness to reach new audiences


In-hand product engagements


Monthly sessions per user


of users will try a new brand
of a product they regularly
buy if they can earn kicks
for purchasing

Connect with shoppers throughout the full-funnel purchase journey


Seize your first brand impression opportunity during pre-trip planning by engaging with shoppers at-home. Then–once customers enter the store–greet them upon arrival to boost consideration.


Guide Shopkickers on a unique adventure to find select products in-store. Product engagement at the shelf is rewarded with additional kicks for the shopper.


Shopkick enables partners to tell their brand story in-store, driving trial and unplanned purchases while boosting brand loyalty.

Use rewards instead of discounts to retain brand equity

By offering loyalty reward points, Shopkick trains customers to buy products at full price by providing them with valuable kicks in return, creating both a positive brand association and value-added exchange.

Motivate discovery and trial while remaining brand-aligned

Shopkick’s mobile platform enables brands to actively influence consumer behavior at multiple stages throughout the shopper journey—including at-home, on-the-go, at-shelf, and in-store—while growing brand equity.

Gain actionable behavioral data

Shopkick’s proprietary first party data gives partners valuable insight into the consumer shopping journey, allowing them to fill any information gaps and make more impactful marketing decisions.

Invest wisely and achieve measurable results

Shopkick’s pay-for-performance model enables brands to meet or exceed their own unique marketing objectives. Shopkick’s campaigns positively influence consumer behavior at every stage of the purchase funnel, delivering positive ROI.

Major retailers and brands partner with us to provide exclusive rewards in-store and online

Join the growing list of retailers and brands who use Shopkick to drive omnichannel brand engagement all along the path to purchase in a way that fosters long-term brand loyalty.


retail locations offering
kicks for walking in or scanning

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