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Convenience Stores

Driving sales of low consideration products in convenience stores nationwide

Campaign Goals

Shopkick wanted to increase sales at convenience stores for different product categories such as snacks and candy, beverages, and alcoholic beverages by confirming that our users respond strongly to in-app promotions at these destinations. The campaign provided a pathway to capture consumer insights in convenience stores to better understand shopping behavior.

Shopkick Solution

Shopkick leveraged engaging in-app content to build awareness of reward-earning opportunities at convenience stores. These “kick” earning opportunities drove foot traffic to convenience stores and engagement with product categories through scanning items. Shopkick increased sales in the snacks and candy, beverage, and alcoholic beverage categories by offering kicks for submitting receipts, encouraging users to purchase products without the use of coupons or discounts.


Shopkick gathered valuable consumer insights for convenience store shoppers during the purchase journey.

By offering increased kick rewards, Shopkick drove foot traffic, product engagement, and revenue well above prior performance at convenience stores. Barcode scans in the tested product categories increased from 380 scans per month to 3,000 scans per day during the course of the campaign. Beverages saw a 180% increase in purchase conversion vs. the Shopkick average, where users typically shop at big box stores like Target and Walmart. Therefore, convenience stores represent a highly successful market to drive incremental purchases and revenue though in-app promotions.

Finally, 73% of users indicated that kicks would influence future purchase intent for product categories at convenience stores, showing increased customer loyalty through reward incentives.


Increase in beverage conversion vs. Shopkick average


Scans per day


Of users indicate kicks influence future purchase intent



Test product performance in convenience stores
Drive awareness of kicks through in-app content
Increase product engagement and purchase conversion in store
Drive sales for brands that see high conversion rates


7-11 Piggly Wiggly Wawa Speedway Quik Stop


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