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Leading household cleaning company

Increasing awareness and driving sales with scan missions and bundled offers

Campaign Goals

A leading household cleaning company wanted to create awareness and drive sales for cleaning products. This was an opportunity to promote similar household cleaning products together to increase consumer engagement and drive sales of multiple items without coupons or discounts.

Shopkick Solution

Shopkick first promoted in-app lookbook content to inform users about products and unique bundle offers. Shopkick leveraged in-app branded video to create stronger awareness and provide a more personal screen experience between brand and consumer.

Shopkick’s Own the Trip initiative allowed for the brand to greet and reward shoppers for entering the store. Promo units, high impact in-app placements for a brand’s kick earning opportunities, brought the household cleaning products to the top of users’ minds when beginning their shopping journey. Additional in-app promotional content drove users to shelf and cut out competition from the wide variety of household cleaning products available in stores.

Users were motivated to engage with multiple products through scan missions, as shoppers receive kick bonuses for scanning bundled items with their smartphones. Once users engaged with products at shelf, Shopkick encouraged consumers to purchase bundled products together for even higher kick rewards, driving sales of multiple products without eroding profit margins.


Shopkick successfully increased product awareness and motivated users to take advantage of special offers in store. 42% of scanners had never heard of the cleaning products before and 58% of purchasers indicated that they were most motivated to purchase from informational content they saw on Shopkick before going to the store.

Shopkick drove users to shelf and increased purchases through fun and rewarding scan missions and kick bonuses. 32% of purchasers were motivated to purchase by in-store promotions and the in-store scan experience.

Mobile promotions brought the products to the top of users’ minds and drove foot traffic to store. The campaign resulted in a 118% average increase in scan activity and a 92% average increase in reported purchase conversion on the days of promo units, and a 232% increase in foot traffic on the day of Own the Trip.


Of purchasers most motivated to purchase by informational content in app


Increase in foot traffic


Purchase conversion on days of promo units



Raise awareness of products and promote unique bundled offers
Increase foot traffic to store with promo units
Drive product engagement with scan missions
Drive purchase conversion and sales in-store


Kroger Lowe's Bed Bath & Beyond


Promo Unit, Branded lookbook, Branded video, In-store scans, Scan mission, Purchase validation, Cross promotion purchase validation