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80% of consumers still plan to celebrate Mother’s Day

Although the impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the country, the majority of Americans still plan on celebrating Mom come May 10. The celebration may just look a little different than last year. We surveyed more than 25,000 consumers to gain insights into Mother’s Day plans and preparations during this uncertain time. 

Key Findings (across demographics):

Celebrating Mom: The majority of consumers (80 percent) are still planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, and about half of Americans (52 percent) will do it in person; 27 percent plan to celebrate the holiday via video call.

MOMLINE: With many brick-and-mortar retailers closed across the nation, it’s no surprise that most consumers are shopping online (62 percent) this year. 67 percent of them will shop on Amazon to find Mom’s gift, followed by Walmart (38 percent), Target (34 percent), TJMaxx (10 percent), and Marshalls (9 percent). Twenty-four percent of consumers plan to turn to online florists.

Walking Into Walmart: Of those that still plan to shop in-store for Mom (38 percent), the majority (58 percent) plan to purchase at Walmart, while others will be shopping at a local neighborhood store (32 percent), Target (29 percent), and the grocery store (27 percent).

Flower Power: Although a majority of Americans are celebrating the holiday, slightly less than half  (47 percent) plan to purchase a Mother’s Day gift this year. 50 percent of those consumers will be buying flowers for their moms and 49 percent will be purchasing gift cards. Other top gift categories include clothing or accessories (23 percent), beauty and wellness products (19 percent), and arts and crafts supplies (9 percent).

Tightening Mom’s Belt: Fifty-two percent of consumers said they plan to spend about the same amount of money on Mother’s Day this year compared to last, while 40 percent say they plan to spend less.

Cost Over Convenience: When asked what is most important when making a purchase decision this year, the majority of consumers (59 percent) said cost and value, while 30 percent said convenience of delivery. Just 11 percent said style is most important.

While Mother’s Day shopping and celebrations will be different for most Americans this year, brands and retailers should still optimize eCommerce offerings as consumers turn to online gift shopping, and as always, prioritize the safety of both shoppers and employees at physical locations.

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