After More Than a Year of Zoom Holidays, Americans Will Gather to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Shopkick survey finds most Americans plan to celebrate Mom in person and shop in-store for gifts this year

This Mother’s Day, the majority of Americans are ready to celebrate Mom in person after a year of virtual gatherings due to COVID-19.  According to a new survey from Shopkick, more Americans plan to physically gather with family this year (61 percent) compared to 2020 (52 percent), and most plan to purchase Mother’s Day gifts in-store (79 percent), a significant uptick compared to last year (38 percent). 

The shopping rewards app surveyed more than 22,000 consumers across the nation between April 7 – 12, 2021 to gain insight into this year’s Mother’s Day plans, preparations and spending habits.

Key Findings:

  • Moment for Mom: The majority of consumers (80 percent) plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, with 61 percent planning to do so in person. Meanwhile, only 11 percent plan to celebrate virtually, a significant decrease compared to last year’s 27 percent who celebrated via video calls. 
  • Group Gatherings: For those celebrating in person, most plan to make a meal at home (55 percent), followed by those who will celebrate at an outdoor get-together (21 percent), head to a restaurant (20 percent), or take part in a different group setting (4 percent). Of those in person celebrations, Gen Z is most likely to go to a restaurant this year, with 29 percent planning to do so, compared to Millennials (20 percent), Gen Xers (20 percent) and Boomers (18 percent).
  • Getting Gifts In-Store: Seventy-nine percent of consumers said they plan to purchase their gifts for Mom in-store this year, compared to only 38 percent who did so last year. The most popular purchases include flowers (59 percent), gift cards (49 percent), clothing or accessories (30 percent), food items (29 percent), beauty and wellness products (19 percent) and fragrance or perfume (18 percent). 
  • Deals, Please: This year, nearly half (48 percent) of consumers say cost remains the most important factor in making a gift decision, trailed by style (19 percent), convenience (17 percent) and whether the brand aligns with personal values (16 percent). 
  • Big Spenders: When it comes to purchasing gifts this year, 15 percent plan to spend more than last year. Of those, 37 percent said it is because they want to make up for not being able to fully celebrate last year. Consumers also said they want to spend more after a year of being restricted by the pandemic (27 percent), want to spoil the women in their life with pricier gifts (24 percent) or plan to purchase a vacation as a gift (4 percent). Across demographics, more Gen Zers (27 percent) plan to have bigger budgets for Mother’s Day gifts this year, compared to Millennials (18 percent), Gen Xers (14 percent) and Boomers (12 percent). 
  • Less is More: Similarly, 15 percent said they plan to spend less on gifts this year, with the majority (58 percent) stating it is because their finances have been impacted and they need to budget. Other reasons include choosing quality time over gifts (26 percent), the women in their lives not wanting gifts (7 percent), or planning to save money for a trip later this year (6 percent). 

“For over a year, many of us have been separated from the people we love most. Luckily, it feels like we have reached a turning point,” said David Fisch, general manager of Shopkick. “Americans are celebrating Mother’s Day in person, and they are heading to physical retailers to get their shopping done. That’s why it is essential for retailers to prepare for an influx of in-store shoppers, keep shelves stocked with popular Mother’s Day gifts and maintain a clean environment to create the most positive experience possible for consumers.” 



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