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eBook: 6 Trends Dominating This Year’s Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season, a time in which consumers plan to out-spend every other spending event throughout the year, is fast approaching. In order to find out how, when, and where consumers plan to shop this holiday season, we polled over 29,000 Shopkick users. 

According to our survey, many consumers are planning to do the majority of their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving day, meaning brands and retailers need to build and optimize their strategies early. And with most shoppers preparing to either maintain or increase their holiday budgets from last year, marketers need to focus on connecting with consumers, meeting their expectations, and creating memorable and convenient experiences in order to win their holiday dollars. 

In our latest eBook, we explore the top trends that are shaping this year’s holiday season, and offer recommendations from industry experts on how to build a winning end-of-year strategy. Learn how to:

  • Make the most of this year’s shortened gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas 
  • Utilize experiential pop-ups to drive shopper behavior 
  • Strategically approach “Grey” Thursday, and explore the debate of opening vs. closing shop on Thanksgiving day 
  • Optimize in-store benefits in order to compete with Amazon and other online marketplaces
  • Drive incremental in-store sales by utilizing a BOPIS strategy 

Even though 48.5% of customers surveyed plan to make the majority of their purchases in physical stores, 83.5% of them will use their mobile phones while there to compare prices and do research. Download our eBook to start building a seamless holiday strategy that will help you reach consumers whenever, wherever, and however they plan to shop this holiday season.