Expectations for Sweets & Snacks Expo

Next week, Trax and Shopkick are attending the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago – one of the tastiest sounding events of the year orchestrated by the National Confectioners Association. We are eagerly looking forward to the learning and networking opportunities that were so greatly missed during the COVID era.  

In addition to the free samples (and unneeded calories) we are anticipating, we are looking forward to the continued innovation and resilience of our industry as an economic engine for the economy. The industry has seen huge trends and innovations over the past couple of years with gamified experiences, physical to digital presence, augmented reality, and more, and there is no sign of slowing down. All the while, Shopkick has been keeping its eye on the prize for how we integrate meaningful shopper insights into these products and industry innovations. 

One area to call out that we’ve seen incredible shopper opportunities in is plant-based products – driven by health-based benefits. As part of the first-party research Shopkick’s platform enables, 78% of shoppers responded they were motivated to purchase plant-based alternatives due to the general health benefits, while 31% specifically called out that they feel better when they eat plant-based products. Additionally, 27% used these products specifically to lose weight. Based upon these insights, we expect to see this specific industry bringing new products to market that mirror these findings. 

Of course, in addition to the health and wellness side, the packaging also matters when it comes to how consumers shop for products. Our users reported that they are 59% more likely to purchase a brand with sustainable packaging than one without, and 38% would be willing to pay more for products with sustainable packaging. And in an even more incredible story, packaging drives shopper loyalty. Our data shows that 42% have switched brands over packaging sustainability. That’s why aligning to the consumers’ values can mean the difference between attracting and retaining a customer’s loyalty and being left in the dust.  

 No matter what new innovations and trends will be showcased at Sweets and Snacks Expo, we are excited about attending a well-organized and well-attended event next week. In addition to the expo, we will also be hosting a Happy Hour on 5/25 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm CT, at VU Rooftop. Please join us by RSVPing using the link below. We would love to meet up, learn about your challenges and objectives and discuss the industry and what the future holds. If you can’t make the event, look for a follow-up article on what we learn as a result of speaking with some of the smartest and most innovative people in the industry. Until then, we hope all your days are sweet! 

RSVP link: https://info.traxretail.com/-rsvp  

By: Paul Robinson 

Shopkick, a Trax company, is a leading shopping rewards app, bringing moments of joy to everyday shopping – both on- and off-line. For brands and retailers, Shopkick provides high consumer engagement along the entire path to purchase. The company’s unique pay-for-performance model has been proven to deliver high ROI while driving incremental traffic, product engagement, and sales. Shopkick is proud to work with Coca-Cola, Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Sambazon, Endangered Species, Godiva, and many other leading brands and retailers. We look forward to cultivating new relationships at Sweets & Snacks. 




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