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Forty Percent of Millennials and GenZ Drinking More Wine than Pre-Pandemic

Firstleaf and Shopkick share tasty data for National Red Wine Day and find GenZ prefers Rosé 

Grab your glass because August 28 is National Red Wine Day! To celebrate, personalized wine club Firstleaf and leading shopping rewards app Shopkick asked wine-drinking Americans about their love for vino. Turns out, younger generations revel in rosé while older generations rely on red.

In a survey of more than 6,400 wine drinkers, Firstleaf and Shopkick discovered delicious insights on America’s preferences. 

Here’s the Goods on the Grapes: 

  • To Wine or Not to Wine: Being stuck at home has led to an uptick in wine drinking with nearly 40 percent of millennials and GenZ reporting an increase in wine consumption.
  • Big Red: When it comes to celebrating the wine of the hour – RED – the majority of drinkers lean towards Merlot (22 percent) or a red blend (21 percent). Thirty-six percent of GenZ gravitate toward Merlot.
  • Pouring Preferences: While three percent stated “Why stop” when asked the perfect amount of wine to drink per sitting, the majority (54 percent) said two glasses, while 32 percent said one glass. Ten percent prefer to finish the bottle in a sitting.
  • Wine Wishes: Across age groups, taste was the number one factor when making a wine purchase (95 percent). However, GenZ cares almost equally about price (75 percent) as they do taste (80 percent).
  • Thrifty and Thirsty: Across age groups, most consumers (61 percent) prefer to spend between $10 – $20 per bottle; 84 percent of GenZ and 80 percent of millennials prefer to spend under $20 per bottle.  
  • No Place Like Home: Most (41 percent) wine lovers said the best place to enjoy a glass is their living room couch, followed by a backyard/balcony or rooftop (35 percent), the kitchen table (9 percent), or the bathtub or bed (4 percent respectively).  
  • No Drinking Alone. The most preferred company to enjoy a glass of wine with is a significant other (34 percent), friends (30 percent), or family (20 percent). Sixteen percent prefer to drink alone.
  • Drinking Outside the Box: Wine lovers seem to be traditionalists with only 16 percent of people giving props to canned wine and only 37 percent to boxed wine. Millennials are more willing to give them a go with 43 percent trying boxed and 40 percent trying canned.
  • For Better or For Worse: The best thing about red wine? Overwhelmingly the taste (50 percent) followed by health benefits (31 percent). The worst thing about red wine? Stained teeth (29 percent), stained clothes (25 percent), and headaches (23 percent).

“These new insights on wine-lovers across America are a perfect tee-up for National Red Wine Day,” said Kate Axten, Marketing Manager at Firstleaf. “And whether you prefer red or white, we’re excited to make the celebrations even more rewarding by partnering with Shopkick to bring our award-winning wine to its users.”

Shopkick surveyed 6,404 wine consumers across the country to gain insights into their wine preferences. The survey was conducted online from Aug. 13 – 20, 2020