Half of Americans Hide their Sugary Sweets in Secret Stash

Shopkick’s National Candy Month data reveals chocolate is king; Reese’s and M&Ms reign supreme

With National Candy Month coming to a close, it is a perfect time to reflect on the who, what and why of the great candy buys. Shopkick, a leading shopping rewards app, asked America all about their favorite confectionery and found that brand-loyal consumers are purchasing between $5-$10 worth of chocolate a few times a month from their grocery store.

In an online survey of over 15,000 confection-buying consumers, conducted from June 12 – June 16, Shopkick discovered sweet insights into America’s candy preferences. 

Key Insights Include:

  • Loyalty Above All: Even amidst overall wavering brand loyalty, nearly all consumers (90 percent) have pledged allegiance to their favorite candy brands.
  • Sugary Secrets: Turns out, 46 percent of consumers have a secret stash for their sweet treats.
  • Heart Full of Chocolate: Chocolate dominates as the favorite candy category among the majority of consumers (90 percent). Reese’s and M&M’s are tied for consumers’ favorite chocolate candy (57 percent respectively), followed by Hershey’s (48 percent) and Snickers and KitKats (47 percent each).
  • Spread the Love: For the consumers that do not reach for chocolate first, the next most sought category of candy is sweet (66 percent), followed by sour (38 percent), minty (28 percent) and spicy (11 percent).
  • Fan-Favorites: The top pick amongst consumers for sweet candy is Starburst (55 percent) followed closely by Skittles (53 percent). Consumers’ favorite sour candy is Sour Patch Kids (73 percent), their favorite minty candy is York Peppermint Patties (64 percent) and their favorite spicy candy is Hot Tamales (52 percent).
  • The Need for Sweets: While 87 percent of consumers buy candy to satisfy their sweet tooth, some crave it more than others. Other consumers buy candy a few times a month (36 percent), a few times a week (22 percent) and once a week (20 percent).
  • Cost of Confection: When it comes to how much consumers are willing to spend on sweet treats, about half of consumers (47 percent) plan to spend between $5 and $10. Other consumers plan to spend less than $5 (39 percent), between $11 and $20 (12 percent) and between $21 and $50 (2 percent).
  • Shopping For Sugary Goodness: Consumers are eager to fulfill their sugar fix, with the majority shopping in-store to do so. Ninety-three percent of consumers purchase candy at grocery stores, followed by candy and convenience stores (69 percent), events like movies and concerts (14 percent) and online and through subscription services (8 percent).
  • Candy Consumption Whereabouts: The majority of consumers’ favorite place to enjoy their confectionary treats is from the comfort of their own home (89 percent). Other consumers snack on sugar while traveling in cars, airplanes, trains and boats (73 percent) and at the movie theater or drive-in (34 percent).



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