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Halloween Shopping Habits: Survey Results

It’s October, and that means one thing – Halloween! From costumes to candy, the spooky yet sweet holiday season is finally upon us.

We surveyed parents across the country to gain some insight on their Halloween plans- how much they’re spending, when they’re shopping, and even how much candy they plan to sneak from their little monsters.

The majority of parents (61.4%) will spend up to $50 in total for Halloween — including candy, costumes and decorations.

According to our survey, most parents wait for the calendar to turn before entering Halloween mode. Only 12% of parents buy their Halloween candy before the 1st of October, while 41% buy in early October, and 42% the week before Halloween. One reason most parents might not buy their Halloween candy too soon? Of those who buy their candy on the early side, 47% have to restock before the big day comes around.

We also asked parents what they plan to dish out to their trick-or-treaters.

  • Playing Favorites: 54% of parents are brand loyal and buy specific candy brands, while 46% buy what is cost-effective
  • Healthy Options: 20% of parents plan to buy healthy or alternative treat options like pretzels, popcorn, pencils, and stickers
  • Special TREATment: 38% of parents plan to set aside a different type of candy for kids they know
  • Nuts, or not?: Only 15% of parents plan to have a nut-free Halloween, meaning 85% of houses may be giving out candy like Reeses, Snickers, and so on
  • Candy Corn Wars: The raging debate over to candy corn or not to candy corn has been settled with a slight majority of 59% enjoying the orange and white treat, and 41% hating it


As for looting a treat or two once the kids are in bed? 53% of parents just sneak a couple from their little ones on the night of Halloween. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Happy Halloween!