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Customer loyalty app: 3 most important qualities when rewarding loyalty

Mobile customer loyalty apps were introduced as a basic solution to the overstuffed wallet or the keyring with dozens of store loyalty cards attached. Over the years, mobile apps have evolved to become fun, interactive forms of entertainment that still reward loyalty but also allow consumers the opportunity to engage with the brands they love on a deeper level. Read more

3 types of experiential marketing that create a lasting impression

Experiential marketing can be exciting, funny, startling, educational, or emotional—but one aspect all experiential marketing campaigns have in common is the ability to grab a consumer’s attention in a meaningful way. A magazine spread or social media shout can be easily forgettable, whereas a buzzworthy new pop-up shop or brand ambassador placing a free sample into your hand is likely more memorable.Read more

3 effective mobile marketing channels to promote consumer engagement

Mobile marketing allows you to reach your customers wherever they are, whether that’s home, work, or play. The vast majority of shoppers welcome communications from brands that are truly relevant, helpful, and engaging. One of the best aspects of mobile marketing is that it allows businesses to pull together a number of different channels—social media, email marketing, video, search advertising, and physical retail—in a way that is engaging and immediate.Read more

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