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Shopkick for Retailers

The only omnichannel retail marketing solution that drives incremental foot traffic and sales without eroding margins

Shopkick Omnichannel Retail Marketing

Shopkick influences incremental shopping behaviors across the entire shopping journey using rewards rather than margin-diluting coupons or discounts. As the #1 most engaging shopping rewards app with more time spent in-app than competitors, Shopkick enables retailers to drive awareness, consideration, and loyalty among a highly engaged audience in a shopping mindset.

Shopkick understands and embraces that today’s approach to omnichannel retail marketing needs to be effective, competitive, and on the cutting edge. Continue reading to explore how Shopkick accomplishes all three feats.

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Reach one of mobile’s most valuable audiences


Higher Retail Spend
*Mastercard Category Spend Report 2019


More In-Store Trips
*Mastercard Category Spend Report 2019


Sessions Per Month, Per User
(10x+ more than Amazon, Ibotta, Rakuten, and more)

Influence purchase decisions along the
entire shopping journey

At Home

Build purchase intent before shoppers visit the store through branded in-app content


Reward shoppers for visiting, engaging with products, and making purchases


Reward shoppers for browsing and making mobile purchases

Increase in-store incrementality with location-based technology

As a location-based retail solution, Shopkick allows you to connect with shoppers and stay top of mind while they’re on the go, near your store, and in a shopping mindset. Build long-term loyalty and drive new customers by rewarding them for visiting, engaging with products, and increasing spend.

Drive incremental foot traffic and sales

By gamifying the in-store experience and rewarding shoppers during the crucial moment of purchase decision, Shopkick drives valuable unplanned purchases. In fact, 57% of sales driven by Shopkick are incremental.

Motivate sales of private-label productsto compete against brand names

By putting private-label products directly in shoppers' hands and rewarding in-store engagement (bar code scans) during critical points in the purchase funnel, Shopkick can help retail partners earn greater market share and incentivize purchase over well-known competitors.

Build loyalty and drive sales withoutrelying on discounts or rebates

Incentivizing sales with rewards rather than coupons or rebates preserves margins, trains customers to buy at full price, and builds brand affinity that consequently leads to repeat visits and purchases, rather than one-time sales.

Complement proprietary retail apps to reach both existing and new customers

Shopkick is a complement to your existing app. Of all incremental sales driven for Shopkick retail partners, 73% came from new customers and 27% came from increased loyalty of existing customers by influencing them to spend more or purchase more often.

Collect actionable first-party location, behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data

Identify who your customers are, what their purchase preferences are, when they’re likely to buy next, plus much more. Shopkick knows what’s going on in-store in real time, filling gaps in the customer shopping journey and helping its partners make more insightful marketing decisions

Incentivize behavior along the path to purchase,from awareness to loyalty

Shopkickers often redeem their rewards for gift cards to the same stores where they earned their kicks, providing an incremental revenue stream for retailers. Adding your gift card to the rewards mall is a great way to close the loyalty loop and encourage future visits.

Major retailers and brands have all partnered with us to provide exclusive rewards in store and online

Join the list of leading retailers who use Shopkick to not only drive new customers into stores through fun and engaging methods that avoid the brand dilution caused by deep discounts, but also foster continued loyalty with their pre-existing customer base:


retail locations offering
kicks for walking in or scanning

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